Hartsell plays fast and loose with campaign cash

And this time it's personal:

State Sen. Fletcher Hartsell Jr. spent nearly $100,000 of his campaign’s money in 2011 and 2012 paying off debts on at least 10 personal credit cards, according to new campaign finance reports. Hartsell, a lawyer and influential Republican from Concord, was unopposed in both the primary and general election campaigns.

First of all: should we even call it a campaign if you have no opposition? I think it should be formally termed a waltz, and it wouldn't hurt to have some Strauss playing in the background when one of these folks enters a room. Opposed or not, when the money just keeps coming in, you gotta spend it on something.


The most corrupt General Assembly ever

Making Jim Black look like a choir boy.

Hartsell said in an interview that he could not promise that some of the spending from his campaign, which is financed by donors, did not cover some personal expenses, which would be prohibited under state law. He could not provide detailed documents about the expenses, but said he would gather as many as he could.

And Dave Ribar makes the excellent point that Hartsell is the Senate Chair of the Legislative Ethics Committee.

It took Democrats a century to rise to this level of corruption and incompetence. Republicans have pulled it off in two short years.

Nice going guys. You're turning North Carolina into a banana republic in record time.