Haywood County Dems Health Care Resolution

Tonight the Haywood County Democratic Party Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution supporting a public option for health insurance.

This was a special called meeting in response to a meeting last week between Rep. Heath Shuler and Haywood County party officers and precinct chairs.

The resolution to support a public option passed unanimously, with 20 of 27 precincts represented in the meeting. Our party chair will send the resolution to the White House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Kay Hagan, and Rep. Shuler.

In discussion, members of the committee focused on party members' support of Rep. Shuler during his initial campaign against Chainsaw Charlie Taylor. The consensus among the committee is that Democrats have been patient with and tolerant of Rep. Shuler's positions on any number of issues. On the issue of the public option, the party leaders in the county are taking a clear stand, and expect that the Congressman will pay attention.


Haywood County - that's great!

We need to do the same thing county by county. Reps need to hear a constant drumbeat from all quarters. I even write the republicans - here's one e-mailed to Senator Burr:

"Senator Burr, I hope that you will lend your support to the inclusion of a government managed public option in health care reform legislation. Most of the electorate in NC are convinced that a robust public option, along with a more stringently regulated insurance industry, will provide the cost containment that we need. Please make NC proud of its leadership by supporting a public option.


Robert Brown"

The e-mail system is easy for Senators and Congress and easy for constituents, too. If they are full of messages in support of a public option it's hard for reps of either party to ignore the numbers.

Yes indeed.

Local governments have a big voice in North Carolina. I hope more of them pass resolutions.