Haywood County GOP crisis deepens

The rift between "establishment Republicans" and tea party activists continues to widen in Haywood County. See the report from the Smoky Mountain News April 9 edition.

I've been absent from BlueNC for awhile for a number of reasons. But I wanted to share with BlueNC readers what is happening in Haywood County, where a parliamentarian from the state GOP was sent in to a recent meeting.

A heated and raucous meeting was held Monday night where the coup faction called for the removal and censure of Pat Carr, the party’s chair.

It’s unclear whether they have the votes within the party to carry through with the plan, however.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch, IMHO.


This could be good news..

Several Republicans I know are already upset at Michelle Presnell's blocking the annexation of Lake Junaluska by the Town of Waynesville, and this rift can't help Jim Davis in his bid to retain his Senate seat.


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Thanks for the fascinating report

So good to see you out and about. Hope all is well.

Thanks for the info

and delighted you're back usna77!

What a circus! The story seems more like a bunch of kindergartners trying to have a meeting. And the tortured logic of the tea partiers is hilarious. We especially liked the assertion that "they could make their own rules".

If that ain't the tea party mantra, we don't know what is.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Good to see you back

And thanks for keeping us abreast of Haywood County happenings. Once again speaking the obvious, but North Carolina is a big state. Efforts to make it smaller often backfire.

Sounds Like A Ukraine Nazi's Frat Food Fight

They don't call the Republican Party " Animal House" for Nothing?

Let's hope they are the first wave into Eastern Ukraine

A microcosm

This is really just the same thing that's happening to the Republican party nationally, with Tea Baggers, evangelical groups, the Koch's Rove and "business-oriented" establishment all fighting for control and the party's future direction.

It's a bunch of vultures picking over the bones of a brain dead party out of ideas, propped up by extremists with money and close-minded cry-baby fanatics that can't face the change and problems of the world happening around them.

It's kind of sad to see a party's demise

I just wish it would hurry up and die. The are sucking us all down with them.

The GOP has a standard policy

The GOP has a standard policy of 'making their own rules.' Especially when they don't get what they want. Then they go back and change the rules until they win.