HB 17

To lose one's livelihood is a painful thing.

I lost mine in December of 2013.

I was one of 1,200 employees caught up in McCrory's 'reclassification' of state employees as 'political appointees'.

In October of that year I was reclassified as a political appointee even though I managed no one and managed no ‘program of importance to the Governor’.

In December of 2013 I was fired two weeks before Christmas, without cause and without notice. I was paid 4 hours for my last full day of work.

And now, since McCrory lost, the Republicans in the General Assembly have introduced HB 17.

An 11th hour bill that cuts Cooper’s number of political appointees back to 300 and gives McCrory appointees who have served at least 12 months the same rights that I earned through two years of service.

Change in Exempt Position Designation. – If the status of a position designated exempt pursuant to this subsection is changed and the position is made subject to the provisions of this Chapter, an employee occupying the position who has been continuously employed in a permanent position for the immediate 12 preceding months, shall be deemed a career State employee as defined by G.S. 126-1.1(a) upon the effective date of the change in designation.

I would contact Donny Lambeth but he has me blocked from his state email.

I’ve emailed Joyce Krawiec but fear she will be forced to vote ‘lock step’.

I would vote against either but in my district they run unopposed.