I expected it to come, but I was still caught off-guard today when a volunteer reached me at home by phone.

Hi. I'm calling from the Larry Kissell campaign. In the past you've been an important supporter for Congressman Kissell and I'm calling today to ask if you'd be willing to contribute $500 to help him get reelected.

No, I would not be willing to do that.

Okay. Well, thanks.


Haven't had the privelege

of saying "no" yet, but I have a hunch I may get a call as well. Not that I ever gave much, but I did like three times.

That must have been a satisfying moment.

I won't give another cent to Kissell. I hope he has to go find a job.

Stan Bozarth

here's a helpful tip:

if you want to ask for money, at least try to offer something that you've done for your donor as an incentive first...

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I hope he gets re-elected, but ...

I promise not to give your $250 to Larry!

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Thank you

I appreciate your voluntary restriction on using the prize money.

You gotta love this

He voted against the health care plan and the climate bill. THis is what it got him:

Americans for Prosperity’s ‘November Is Coming’ Bus Tour To Hold Town Hall Meeting to Expose Voting Records of Congressmen Bob Etheridge, Larry Kissell and Other Big Spending Politicians

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