Help Desk

If the Democratic Party wants to regain control of the state legislature as well as congressmen and senators, they need to make some basic changes! For a start, quit having so many committees and meetings and follow the example of Jesse Helms. Establish in each county a "HELP DESK" manned by volunteers from the local party and use the help desk concept to begin to develop a deep and sincere relationship between the party and the individual citizens in each county. A Help Desk will in the long run, produce a deeper relationship between the party and the people. County by county and slowly but surely!



I hope others will join this discussion

I have tried for years to engage myself deeply in the Democratic Party in North Carolina ... tried and failed. The bureaucracy is so breathakingly dense that my enthusiasm flags, with so much time spent on administrivia. The time investment versus effectiveness ratio seems way out of whack.

To those who are actively engaged: What gives?
To those running the show: Why can't I participate 100% online?

If I were a consultant, I'd be recommending digital transformation.

I can partially answer one of your questions

"Why can't I participate 100% online?" - you and I probably could but there are many parts of the state without access to broadband. My corner of Person County has had broadband since about 2007 but much of the rest of the county still does not have it. It is coming - but it's still going to be a couple years. Also - many of the older residents aren't comfortable with the internet.

As to the party - I try to remember that the only requirement to be a Democrat is checking that box on the voter reg form. It's a self selected group and not at all monolithic. The size of the county (population-wise) is also going to make a big difference.

In Durham and Orange, you might be happier and more effective with Peoples Alliance or LWV - they DO things.