Henderson County Sheriff goes on a rant about protesters

Might want to focus on the meth labs there, pal:

McDonald calls protests taking place across the country “vile and disgusting” and wrote that they “are not a result of the differences between America’s traditional political parties. Rather, they appear to be the result of an anti-American social progressive movement with the goal of subverting our great Republic and replacing it with something akin to the social economic governance that continues to decimate Western Europe to this day.”

“What entitles them to scream vulgarities and to physically attack and ridicule those who dare question their myth-based, passion-inflamed, anarchist ideology?” McDonald wrote. “Well, they don’t like what they don’t like, regardless of how or why it happened.” McDonald likened protesters to “a child playing a board game. Gleeful at the prospect of winning but impetuously overturning the table and throwing a tantrum when faced with the prospect of losing.”

No, that's not your crazy uncle who has had one too many shots of white liquor, that's the dang Sheriff. You know, if Haldol is too strong, making your hands shake when you're trying to qualify with your sidearm, there are other anti-psychotics available. Don't just stop cold turkey, and then scootch up to your out-dated PC and type out a redneck manifesto. Also, don't contradict yourself so blatantly:

McDonald also used his newsletter as a call for “patriotism and unity” and a focus on “what we all hold to be true, regardless of party or religious affiliation.”

“We must move beyond anger and grief; beyond gloating and taunts; beyond anxiousness and fear,” he wrote. “Despite what we have all endured, God is still on His throne and we, by His grace alone, are still the greatest nation on this earth. Still, we are facing an insidious threat from within, and how we choose to respond will determine what kind of a country we leave for our children.”

But...you just said something about religious affiliation not being used to define...Okay, I give up.