Hey all you arm chair progressives

With all due respect ...

Please stop spending your money to support a rich white guy who is fighting like hell to undermine national health care. Boycott Whole Foods.

Just to say it, Whole Foods is the closest grocery store to where I live. They have great products, and very high prices to go along with all that quality. They are incredibly convenient. But every time you or I buy something there, we contribute to helping John Mackey strengthen his Libertarian soapbox. That's why I stopped shopping at Whole Foods several years ago. You should stop too.

You don't want me to catch you unloading a cart-full of Libertarian profits into your Prius in a Whole Foods parking lot. Because I will embarrass you right on the spot.


I shop at Earth Fare

I felt awful for them when Whole Foods moved into town, the place looked so deserted, but they have recovered somewhat. They dropped the prices on their fresh foods bar and offer rewards like so many grocery stores do now.

We mostly shop at Harris Teeter

because most of their prices are OK and they have good specials and markdowns...paricularly on meat and dairy. It's also a big deal to us that they regularly employ the disabled or folks with ADD and they treat their employees with compassion when they are ill or have problems. That's worth paying a little more...to us. We recently got a Trader Joe but I haven't been. We won't be going to the Whole Foods. Wonder when the CEO will recant...like last time?

Stan Bozarth

Really torn about shopping at Whole Foods

I have friends who work there, and they need jobs. What to do?


Same here

I long ago decided that my personal boycotts were about taking moral positions to strengthen my integrity and to encourage others to do the same. There will be plenty of people who don't even stop to think about the impacts of their shopping choices. Whole Foods won't go under.