Hey Josh

I see the DOJ's top issues listed here. Given the budget cuts, there's no way you can address them equally. Limited resources mean limited scope.

Here's what I'd do:

Take the opioid epidemic off the list of priorities. It's not so much a law enforcement problem as a public health problem. Make Republicans own it.

What should be your first priority instead? How about public integrity. Focus on cheating and white collar crime. Corporations are people. Send some to jail. Press them in court in every possible way.

I'd make seniors and the environment my next two priorities. Target high profile corruption. Become the protector of our state's water.

Finally, just say "no" to supporting marijuana laws. They don't work and they cost a fortune in their failing.

You get to say what's important. Make it count.



When you're operating in the

When you're operating in the theater of the absurd, reasonableness is a liability. Creative destruction is in order.