High School Students Plan To “Save Our Schools”

Collaboration and creative strategies benefit schools, communities, and the marketplace. NC ranks #1 in education.

Raleigh, July 06, 2012: Hunter Winstead, a local High School Student today announced his Save Our Schools initiative has the initial support necessary to move forward with a sustainable plan to provide funding and resources to North Carolina Schools by the end of the 1st quarter 2013. There is a kick-off event slated for mid November 2012.

Winstead obtained initial seed monies from local businessman Carl Roberts, founder of CTS Systems. Website construction, marketing materials design, and stakeholder recruitment is underway. Fifty local businesses, and two non-profits, have pledged to support the initiative. Several students from various schools are helping with the project to satisfy their community service requirements, but the core group attends Heritage High School.

“Heritage strives to prepare all its students to be critical thinkers that are well prepared for life after high school”, says teacher Molly Bostic.

The Save Our Schools’ plan includes providing mentoring, tutoring, schools supplies, food, and the funds necessary for the aforesaid if they can’t provide with human resources and volunteers. Winstead and his group feel if they continue to garner support at the rate it has come, the initial Save Our Schools round will inject $2M in NC schools and their organizations this winter. Because of the infrastructure of the current plan, unfortunately it will be a first come first serve with the resources and funds.

“Because most of the buzz about the Save Our Schools initiative is around the Triangle, that’s most likely where most of the first campaign resources will land, but we have to start somewhere”, says Winstead.

The Save Our Schools coalition is very focused about the coalition’s needs and the mission to have a positive impact in NC Schools. Winstead adds,

“My Dad has always told me the “Triangle” is the most generous area in the most generous state, of the most generous nation in the world. We have bought in to that and are excited to help prove it. We want every student to receive an education and graduate from NC schools. We want every teacher to be at ease about their employment and budgets. We want every community to take pride that they are stakeholders in their neighborhood’s schools. We want every local business to benefit from collaborating with schools. We want this to be a North Carolina project and we want NC to be nationally recognized as the state ranked #1 in education. We want the Governor to proclaim our kick-off day in November to be Save Our Schools Day in NC so it stays on the minds of our citizens, marketplace, and government. We want NC’s local PTA’s, Business Alliances, Booster Clubs and other school supporting groups to receive and distribute the monies and resources from the campaign so their goals can also be attained. We want everybody to win and we think this project is a great start for positive change”.

The Save Our Schools is an initiative of Student Leaders of Generous Community:

Vision: To change lives through generosity
Mission: To transform cities by encouraging and developing individuals to positively impact their families, communities and the marketplace
Values: Generosity, Collaboration, Integrity, Entrepreneurial Creativity & Faith