Hillary protesters greet Dean in Charlotte

From Jim Morrill at the Charlotte Observer:

Around two dozen Hillary Clinton supporters, some carrying signs saying "Dump Dean," attempted to shout down Democratic national chairman Howard Dean during an appearance in Charlotte today.

The protesters, who described themselves as members of a group called "Charlotte Front and Center," shouted and waved signs as Dean spoke to about 150 people at a voter registration rally on West Boulevard.

The demonstrators said they were protesting what they said was a decision not to put Clinton's name in nomination at next month's Democratic convention.

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West Blvd. Event July 25,2008

http://charlottefrontandcenter.com/ protested this event with PUMAs from Atlanta GA, Asheville NC, and Greenville NC.
There were only about 70 people attending to hear Dean speak. Many of those in attendance were running for office and they also had their campaign organizers with them.
If you wonder why the party is divided, look at the candidates that you are running even down to the local level. They need to learn how to campaign and build bridges. In fact, you should do your best to entice
Charlotte Brown-Williams to run a workshop for them.
She knows how to campaign and knows how to present herself to get the job done.

This makes no sense to me

Admittedly I didn't spend a lot of time there, but it's a pretty confusing story you're trying to spin.


I am trying to figure this out too. Is the point that the party is split and Hillary supporters want her name in nomination? (ps I actually read all the posts here but am most motivated by the big issue in my community)

If Hillary wants her name in nomination

If she wants her name placed in nomination both Dean and Obama have stated that they will not oppose it.

One of the leaders of this group is a Clinton delegate from the 9th district.

Wake Forest won't play us anymore
Michigan last year
LSU - you are next

This will tell you all you need to know

about these folks. From the website blogs:

Democrats and Independents from all over the country and from all walks of life are signing up as “Citizens for McCain” here at JohnMcCain.com. Citizens for McCain is an organization within the campaign headed by Senator Joseph Lieberman for people just like Debra, who chose to place their country above political party and support the candidate for President who has a proven record of bipartisan leadership.

You may know Democrats and Independents who want to support John McCain – be sure to invite them to sign up today at www.JohnMcCain.com/Citizens

Clinton supporters need to disavow these idiots, and fast.

Dean = ???? for Democrats

Whether they are just 'fringe' Hillary supporters, or McBush / GOP plants, I agree with them.

Dean did nothing to bring the Hillary Campaign to end, when it was obvious to everyone that she could not get the nomination. She still has 23M in debt, and the Obama camp had to spend $$$$ all the way through the campaign, that would have better been spent on McBush or down the Dem ticket.

Dean sat by as the kitchen sink was unloaded on Obama, and he allowed this to go on, and on, and on.......

So much so that Obama has had to defend himself against her 'stupid' attacks, and has to do it all over again with the GOP hate machine.

What has Dean done? .......

Despite constant attacks from the disingenuous "right", the only reasonable and sensible way to live one's life and to govern a nation is with liberalism. Liberalism has given us every single protection and opportunity that we as Americans enjoy. It's tim

What was he supposed to do?

She was the one that kept her campaign going. As has been proven time after time, she makes her own decisions and it was her perogitive to keep tilting at the windmill.

Wake Forest won't play us anymore
Michigan last year
LSU - you are next


Those protesters were from the same swarm of pro-Clinton Obama-bashers that circle around Larry Johnson's NoQuarterUsa.net and queen bee Susan Hu. We had some of them here at BlueNC for a while and they practically took over MyDD.com after a melodramatic withdrawal from DailyKos.com. The anti-Obama vitriol appears to have gotten worse since Clinton withdrew. There is no apparent purpose to it.

Disappointed in Clinton Supporters

At the county executive meeting this month I was sitting next to four-five older, female representatives. When the county chair was talking about how Obama had won NC convincingly I noticed the women looked like they were sucking on lemons. Now, I didn't want to jump to conclusions, maybe they just wished the Chair would get on with the meeting. But, at a later point he started praising Hillary and I glanced over and they were all smiling and nodding their heads.

Get over it. Seriously, this election is too important. These people are leaders in the Democratic Party and they are holding such grudges. It won't do anyone any good.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

It is not for me to say whether you are

right or wrong however the "get over it" attitude is not going to win any supporters. It just further angers and alienates them. People resent being told to just fall into line. Whether or not we agree or disagree with them they have the right to their choices.

Well, that's just dumb.

Sorry, but to say we should sit by quietly because Dems have the right to their own choices, including the right to leave the party and choose to vote for John McCain because their favorite candidate didn't win - well that's dumb. I see no reason to sit by quietly and wait for good Dems to turn bad because they think their candidate has been mistreated. I think we should tell them...."get over it, your candidate did."

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Oh Yeah? Well that's just not gonna work~

This "just get over it" tactic doesn't work with people for some reason, Robert. I guess they don't like being talked to that way. Go figure.

You don't bring someone within the fold by talking down to them. If you aren't interested in bringing 'em in and all you want to do is vent a little frustration, then saying "get over it" may accomplish that.

I suspect that some of these folks figure they'd rather put up with McCain for four years and then run Clinton again than work for Obama. It's a case of being oversold, I suppose, by the Clinton camp. I don't like it, but I'd rather try persuading them to see why we can't have four years of McCain than blow them off with the "get over it" strategy.

I didn't realize I was dealing with children.

I thought we were talking about full-grown Democratic adults who had seen this country flushed down the toilet by the present Republican administration. I didn't realize we were talking about children who are willing to continue flushing the country down the toilet because their feelings are hurt.

So, {pats the little tykes on their heads} I'm sorry your little feelings got hurt. Why don't I get you some milk and cookies and you can watch some Blue's Clues.

Brunette, what utter bull. First off, you telling me how to talk constructively to someone is ironic don't you start fights about half the time you post? Second, it's been long enough. No one was telling them to get over it immediately after this happened. But, now they're talking about voting for frickin' McCain.

I've been for kicking Joementum out of the party for awhile and I don't feel like kissing up to any more dems that support Republicans.

McCain is anti-choice, he's pro-NRA, he's pro-FISA, he's pro-Patriot Act, pro-torture, anti-voting rights, anti....well, hell, he is for everything I'm against and against everything I'm for. Not. Acceptable.

I'll leave it up to you and others to stroke their egos.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

There there Robert ~

Brunette, what utter bull. First off, you telling me how to talk constructively to someone is ironic don't you start fights about half the time you post?

Hell, cain't a gal pull on her own experience?

Lookit, this habit so many of you have of pointing fingers at yours truly is kind of interesting, since apparently those digits are concealed somewhere when Betsy's biting someone's head off or James is losing his temper, but anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows the "hosts" (including yourself, my friend) are guilty of plenty of instances of blowing people off.

So -- THAT SAID -- the point remains that while these people who insist that Hillary is still running are an aggravation, you can't reasonably expect that you're going to change their votes with the aforementioned "tough love" approach.

I would like to think that *some* of them might see that spending four years on McCain is a genuine problem.

I suppose my problem here was that I misunderstood your intent. Like I said, if the intent was just to kick and squawk a bit, fine, that's what saying "get over it" amounts to. If the intent was to convince anyone to do anything, maybe try another tack. It might or might not be worthwhile.

(But c'mon, Robert, ya can't go off and call someone else childish if all you're wanting to do yourself is blow off a little steam).

Bru' a.k.a. goddess of peace, love and harmony ~

Agreed, I didn't realize I was dealing with children either.

First of all I'm not the one resorting to schoolyard tactics of calling people dumb nor did I say anything about stroking egos. What I was getting at is that civil discourse and explaining why you believe the way you do might be a little more persuasive.

Secondly, do not assume to know who my candidate is. My first choice was not in fact Clinton. Also, if the democratic party has become the fall in line, goose step, can't think for yourself organization you're describing it's not that different from the republicans. I will say that the arrogance in your post is certainly republicanesque and one of the reasons some people are reconsidering their affiliation.

Now be a good boy and try to play nice.

I never said your first choice was Clinton.

----insert witty remark here----coming soon----

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I tried to, Ben

civil discourse and explaining why you believe the way you do might be a little more persuasive.

I gave them numerous reasons why a McCain Presidency would go against their wishes (for those that actually are Democrats), but they didn't want to talk about those things. They just want to talk trash about Obama and Dean and caucuses and DNC puppets. And shake their fists and shout, "PUMA's Rock!". ;)

I hope I won't regret asking

but what is a "Puma?" I mean, I know a puma is a critter in the cat family, but in this context, is it some kinda level of "cougar" or what?

Bear in mind when we talk about Clinton supporters who say they're voting for McCain, that these are a group of individuals, and you can't say that having spoken to one or four means you've spoken to all of them, or that your experience with one or four means that none among this body can be reasoned with.

So I think Ben's point remains a strong one, and his suggested communication approach is more likely to yield positive results.

Bru' (primly adjusting her halo)


PUMA - Party Unity My Ass

It is primarily a group of Clinton supporters who feel slighted and are advocating that Democrats either not vote for Obama or vote for McCain

Wake Forest won't play us anymore
Michigan last year
LSU - you are next

It does sound kind of ominous, though. :o

Like...if I saw one of these avid (rabid?) Clinton supporters out in public, and I tried to run away, one swipe of that powerful claw at one of my legs and I'm down, powerful jaws locked on my windpipe as I'm being hauled into a tree where the PUMA can relax and munch on my yummy entrails without being disturbed...

Sorry. I've been watching too many nature shows lately.

You probably had a

more powerful effect than you know. After all, name calling and insults are not productive and no one responds positively to it. The end result of that would be driving the individual further away from where they need to be. After people have calmed down and are thinking more clearly some of your points probably sank in.

Yes Robert, sometimes "getting over it" is the right thing to do

If we could all see the value in going around some of the smaller hurdles, we retain the power to overcome the larger ones.

Understanding the power of forgiving, forgetting and going on, within a like-minded group, is a force that grows.

We need to keep reminding ourselves that "We are Winning". "America is finally winning back its former self". There is no single issue now that should be alloded to devide us.

America and the world is depending on the Democrats to win back the White House, and in doing so, bring back sanity, justice and Democratic leadership to us all.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03