Hold on to your hats

The NC Senate today passed Senate Bill 10, which gives Brick Tamland, I mean DAG McCrory free reign to eliminate any opposition on key boards and commissions such as the Utilities Commission,Industrial Commission, and the Coastal Resources Commission among several others.
What does this mean? It means we will see environmental protections erased for developers,(on a side note the NCGA listened in rapture to a "Scientific" lecture given by a real estate agent today, I'm not kidding.), work place safety will be eroded, and coincidentally Duke Power, Brick's former employer asked for a 10% hike today, which they will now get without opposition.
NC has become an ALEC wet dream over night. In the NC Republican lexicon,"conservatism" means the total domination of society by a corporate aristocracy and to maintain it by deception, inequality, prejudice, innuendo, and a complete bastardization of the democratic process.


this removes all balance from NC Boards and Commissions

This naked power grab removes all balance from NC Boards and Commissions. Decades of work by people in close communication with each other and the people they communicate with in order to work will be lost.

The boards are in place to protect North Carolinians, and guide regulations that protect them in the workplace, protect their air and water and land from pollution and sprawl, and keep utility and insurance companies from overcharging. The Superior Judge positions are needed to clear the dockets of overburdened courts, and will be replaced with 'conservative' judges.

McCrory already has the power to appoint future members and judges, this law is clearly to cement the GOP agenda in place immediately, going forward.