The horse and sparrow on steroids

The Horse and Sparrow economic theory first proposed by the Republicans of the 1890's, renamed Trickle Down by Will Roger's and then repackaged again by David Stockman as Supply-Side is alive and well in NC, only this time they've pumped the horse full of Winstrol.

The old theory was if you fed the Horse,(corporations and the wealthy), enough oats,(economic benefits and tax breaks),enough seeds will pass through to the road and feed the Sparrows,(will benefit the poor by improving society as a whole).

Problem was and is, this theory in practice only creates more debt and deficits. The Panic of 1896, The Great Depression, 1987 recession, The Republican Recession of 2007.

The NC GOTP is in the process of breeding a Horse capable of 100% digestion, piss on the Sparrows. In the first two weeks of the legislative session, whether it was moving to block NC's participation in the creation of an insurance exchanged as mandated by the ACA, or attacking the unemployed by denying them access to Federal funds in order to support their families, the intent was to starve the Sparrows.

The reasoning for their actions changes every time they open their collective mouths. Whether it's Phil Berger's out right lying in his on line petition about the impact of the ACA, DAG McCrory disingenuously citing the recent audit of the state Medicaid agency, or the various Teapublican tools like Justin Burr spouting non-sense from the floor of the GA.

Their capacity to bend reality into their own prism and project that as absolute truth to the people of this state, in the face of all facts, is not only a red flag... it's clinical.

It has gone way beyond craven and self-serving, it appears they believe their own bullshit to their cores.

This attribute is endemic to the Republican party at every level, it is the very definition of Orwellian double speak and points to the fact that the party and its leaders are narcissistic pathological liars.

By that I mean, they don't give a damn about pretense any more.


I ask again

is there any provision for Recalls in NC? If there were ever a bunch that needed to be un-elected, this Raleigh-based, three-ring circus is it.


I did a little research on recalls in NC and I don't think it's written into The NC Constitution. I found an instance where the citizens of a municipality petitioned the legislature to allow a recall of some city councilmen. But they had to go through their NC Reps and Senators to present the petition. Fat chance of getting this bunch of crooks to ask for a recall...

Thank you.

I didn't expect that NC would be so savvy to see this day coming. I guess we will have to light our torches and sharpen our pitchforks instead.


....the authors of our Constitution purposely left out the recall option so we'd have to light torches and sharpen pitchforks...why deny us all the fun?

Now we just gotta get the balls...