How 'bout dem Heels!

What a game. My closest friend is from Michigan. Her son is a Michigan State fan and wore his green over tonight. I still let him eat.

Great game....and now it is time to get back to politics.

What's on your radar this week?


the economy

Just returned from son's spring break week at Myrtle Beach. We go every year for his break, for Orange County schools, it is usually the end of March/first week of April. It has been busy the last five years or so, a mix of Canadians, spring breakers, etc.

It seemed to have about half the number of people. It is clear that people in tourism-dependent jobs are hurting terribly. Restaurants were sometimes empty, and places that usually had a wait, like Hard Rock Cafe - no problem. It was really shocking to see how few people were there.

Well, I will do my bit for the economy by getting my son a UNC champions shirt tomorrow. Just wish I could get him to sleep tonight.

County Conventions and local races

I am running for my first full term as county party treasurer (appointed last year to fill unexpired term) and getting ready for our municipal elections. Looks like two of my buddies on the Charlotte City Council will have primaries this fall and I will be helping them out plus we are going to have a very high profile mayorial race this year.

Speaking of which

I need to talk to you....need to run something by you. PM me or email me when you get a chance. I'll call.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.