How Crime Ridden Are We Really?--"Predator Nation"

"Predator Nation" is a smashing book, really great in its documentation of the corruption of the entire nation, as well as other nation states, politically, financially and otherwise. In addition to the inconceivable concentration of wealth in a very few pockets, largely through crime and fraud, it is staggering that the government institutions charged with mainaining our laws are themselves outmanned, outgunned, afraid and corrupt - like the Justice Department which was gutted by Bush and made worse by Obama. They plain have given up. The one game being played by law and lawless alike over this past 20 years is simply to defer criminal prosecution until the statute of limitations runs out - and in financial crimes, that is likely five years. That is what has happened in the Mortgage Fraud case, which Roy Cooper ignored, studiously for five to six years. Which means that the idiots who caused the crashes of the mid and late 2000s are 'Home Free" with their loot. Now those people are finishing the purchase of our political and so called justice systems at their liesure. The rot is from New York, to London, from Washington to the counties, and it is deep. The people involved actively and those simply averting their gazes are the "best people". No one seems to know or understand "the rule of law", including Obama or Holder, and certainly not Cooper.

The scope of this debacle is only now becoming clear to most, though some of us have been raising hell about it for years.

No need to cry, immense needs to organize before we are all serfs in fact and not just name only. And it is our own fault!

READ THIS BOOK if you read no other this year.