How many teachers will have to be fired to pay for McCrory's Voter ID fetish?

What will it cost to identify and provide more than 600,000 registered voters with "free" photo identification? No one knows.

That leaves 612,955, or 9.25 percent of registered voters, for which no match could be made. These voters may not have any DMV-issued identification. Of those, 506,763 are active voters, those who have voted in recent elections. There are more Democrats than Republicans on the no-ID-match list, 324,997 to 141,149. Unaffiliated voters numbered 144,968. The racial breakdown showed that more than half of those who likely didn't have a state-issued ID were white.

The experience in other states suggests that Republicans badly underestimate the true cost of implementing their ideas. Which brings us back to the opening question: How many teachers will have to be fired to pay for Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory's voter suppression plans?


Teachers fired

That's just the beginning.

  1. How many technology systems won't be upgraded?
  2. How many bridges won't be repaired?
  3. How many health inspectors won't be hired?
  4. How many parks will be closed?
  5. How many poor people will go hungry?
  6. How many sick people will suffer and die?
  7. How many latch-key kids will lose after school care?
  8. How many potholes won't be fixed?

Fetish indeed

From the way back machine (August 2011)