How much is enough? Where are our leaders? What are we thinking? Will 2009 change anything?

When did it become acceptable for Americans to allow

Torture? Yesterday, after congress failed to override a presidential veto of a bill outlwaing "Torture". The president referred to "Torture" as a valuable tool in America's ability to fight terrorism. Now it is absolutely our national policy.

When we all learned about the secret movement of "yet to be charged" prisoners to secret torture prisons in foreign countries, referred to as

Rendition; Where was the outrage?

When we all learned about the Secret prisons, where we took people to be tortured and that our President and Vice President had approved them; Why was our President not impeached?

We invaded a country, Iraq, that did not pose a direct threat to the United States or it's interests in the world, created an entire generation of terrorist in doing so and caused immeasurable anti American sentiment throughout the world, including among our own allies. Why were our leaders silent?

We built a special private prison, now known as Guantanamo, and filled it with people who's names, for the most part, we will never know and who have never been charged with a crime, but yet may be executed as the result of a U.S. Military tribunal. Have we lost our moral compass?

We detained prisoners and tortured them in an American controlled prison called Abu Ghraib located just North of Baghdad. The same prison where Saddam Hussein used to torture his dissidents. Almost no part of the Military leadership was punished and no civilians were brought to justice. Who knows how many terrorist we created there?

Hurricane Katrina devastated the homes of over a hundred thousand people in New Orleans Louisiana and more in Mississippi in one day. Our government knew it was coming, knew it would be devastating and knew it would require considerable assets for rescue and recovery. President Bush all but ignored Katrina's victims. Most of Katrina's were poor and African American. Those without political power, money or voice were left to suffer by our President. Is that a form of terrorism?

KBR is a company hired by President Bush and Vice President Cheney to provide all kinds of services in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. No bidding, no competition, no serious oversight, Billions spent, hundreds of millions of dollars missing and they are still going strong in business with our government. Although KBR has set up shell companies off shore to avoid taxes in the United States, it still enjoys all of the benefits received by companies who do not. How are they getting away with this?

No one really know how many innocent people have been killed by agents of Blackwater in Afghanistan, Iraq, Columbia and other countries, but what the hey! I guess no-one really cares either. How did we get to the place where the U.S.A. would deliberately allow non-military agents to operate in a war zone where U.S. Combat forces are present. Private Security (Mercenaries) in Iraq are not accountable to U.S. Law, or to the Law of the Nation they are killing people in? Our Military personnel are accountable for their collective and individual actions in any war zone, anywhere on earth, as evidenced by US prosecutions of military members for alleged crimes in those places, yet the U.S. Private Security forces like Blackwater are immune, even today, from prosecution for any crime they commit in Iraq and maybe even in Afghanistan, Columbia and Bosnia. Were they also immune from prosecution for any crimes they may have committed in New Orleans after Katrina, when they were sent in by Home Land security? Wake up America!

With a swipe of his pen, President Bush removed the right to Habeas Corpus for all American citizens. Did he think all Americans were the enemy? Does he? Where is the U.S. Congress?

Shortly after our 9/11 tragedy, without even reviewing its contents, it's force, or it's transfer of power, our U.S. Congress signed the Patriot Act into law and in doing so gave away many of the civil and constitutional rights of the entire American population. Most of us cheered them on!

The Detainee Bill was approved by Congress (Democrats too) as an after action tool for the President to justify and continue rendition and other human rights violations. Why did the Democratic controlled Congress do that ?

The Department of Home Land Security was created after 9/11 for the purpose of coordinating the combined efforts of all of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Although that never really occurred, the Department now has over 14,000 employees. It also has, an incredible, and almost scary, close relationship with the Department of Defense (DoD). It has spent Billions of Dollars and has almost nothing to show for it. Who is protecting America from it own Department of Homeland Security?

President Bush's refusal to enforce existing regulations and his rush to deregulating the entire banking and financial industries led to the Sub-prime Loan bailout, which after completed will still not have saved the average American now going through foreclosure, but will ensure the lenders and financial institutions do not suffer directly for the usury they exercised against the American public. Why aren't these lenders being held accountable? Instead President Bush has ensured their success.

American industry and jobs are flying out of the United States into foreign countries by the Hundreds of thousands and yet our President, Congress, and even one Democratic candidate for President continue defending NAFTA , CAFTA, the Columbia Trade Deal and the Korean Trade deal which are direct contributors to the loss of jobs in America. What bigger purpose could possibly be served with the continuation of these deals other than the breakdown of relevance and authority of our United States Constitution?

President Bush and the Republicans cut taxes for the most wealthy in America, but gave us "average Joes" a Ten Trillion Dollar Debt to pay back to those we borrowed it from, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai; And who knows who else?

When President Bush, an oil man, came into office gasoline was 1.32 per gallon. Oil was 18.00 per barrel. Today gasoline is headed to $4.00 per gallon Gas (already there in California),Oil Corporations are floating I historic record profits, Russia and the Middle Eastern Oil producing countries are bleeding our economy of its assets and our ability invest in our own infrastructure, and institutions while we add to the plight with a war in Iraq which bleeds 12 Billion dollars a month from American taxpayers who are borrowing the money each and every month to finance the 12 Billion Dollar a month addiction to war President Bush has brought us all.

Border Security? What border security?

Approximately 1 in every 105 Americans is in jail. Since President Bush's drive to funnel enormous sums of taxpayer money into the pockets of his supporters through the privatization of our federal government, our prison system has become a growth industry. The Privatization of the Prison system has become a black-hole for taxpayer money much as Iraq has become. The industry itself now has an interest in ensuring and sustaining larger prison populations in America. Will the stockholders in the prison operations now lobby for tougher laws against Americans to ensure that growth?

Billions of dollars for the Iraq war and to the sheiks and Iraqi politicians
who will say they like us, and more billions to the Oil industry in America who reinvest profits into infrastructure outside of America, and even more billions to the Department of Homelands Security awash in mismanagement and ineffective direction. Yet not one penny for the many Millions without Health Care in America who cannot go to a doctor to receive medical attention without risking financial ruin. Not one cent for medical attention for the millions of children and pregnant mothers in America who will suffer as a result of no care, or medicine.

President Bush forced irrational burdens onto our students and teachers which is the egregious

Failure of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) which has served to "Dumb Down" America's children and caused untold numbers of public school teachers to bail out of the American education system.

President Bush and the Republicans have made a tax money goldmine for many U.S. Corporations who moved their assets off shore to prevent tax liabilities. American Corporations bailing off shore are now at record levels, and they are taking their jobs with them. Jobs Americans now have to replace in an economy that is failing, due to the failed leadership of the Political Party who promised fiscal responsibility, moral integrity and, most importantly, to put America First!

The Republican Party has betrayed all Americans regardless of party affiliation.

How much more are we willing to accept from this President and the Republican Party who enabled him? Wake up America!


Terrific writeup, Marshal!

I printed it out so I have a 'handy' reminder at hand showing our fall from grace. The most stunning thing is the failure to get enough votes to override Bush's veto. In accepting torture as part of our policy, we are leaving ourselves open to all those other heinous activities, like death squads for individuals who defy the 'deciders'. Things like that seem like a far reach, but I never thought we would accept what we have now. Another fascinating thing is how the media reacts. They are pushing this story about Spitzer for sensational effects, but hardly a mention about this bill to prohibit torture. I guess it was another 'great day' to be a Republican!

if only

i could vote for you a thousand times, i would. as it stands, i can't even vote for you once (wrong district). but we desperately need more people like you in washington, people who are actually awake and aware of what's been going on. thanks for this. :)

Marshall Adame

Wow, I couldn't have said it any better,
about every subject. So what are we
going to do about this?? This has
been my question to CNN MSNBC and
several Senators, I am still working on
to send comments. This is a masterpiece,
and I think my days are going to consist
of getting this out to every person
I know. We know all the problems with
our goverment, but yet no one has a
solution. They say write your Congressmen,
well what good is that when our Dictator
President Bush veto's everything. Get
Bush and all his thieves out of office.
Let's get some REAL people in office, instead of liars. Are there any HONEST
people left in America. Time to march
on Washington. Set a date, let's do it.

well then

i was with you right up to the "gitter done" part. larry the cable guy isn't my bag...i'm a lewis black girl myself. ;)

but i would be first in line for a good march on washington. and such things usually start just like this, with a community of unhappy citizens banding together to get a message across. maybe we could really take this all the way to the capitol...?

Control Yourselves

I hope no one gets mad enough to break a keyboard.

i see you're sitting at one.

What were you doing for Democracy this weekend, Rip? How have you changed the world?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

I see you're sitting at one..... am I supposed to communicate with you guys if I'm not? Are you trying to say "takes one to know one" or something like that?

Let's see... this weekend I attended a dinner/fundraiser for a local candidate and met with another about his campaign platform. I admit this was on the local level - not very likely to rock the world - but I did get away from the desk.

I think the post above by Mr. Adame illustrates quite eloquently the point I am making here.

Where was the outrage?

Why was our President not impeached?

Why were our leaders silent?

Have we lost our moral compass?

How are they getting away with this?

Where is the U.S. Congress?

What bigger purpose could possibly be served with the continuation of these deals other than the breakdown of relevance and authority of our United States Constitution?

How much more are we willing to accept from this President and the Republican Party who enabled him?

Nobody's afraid of the keyboard commandos.

You are behaving exactly like they want you to behave.

This weekend I was teaching teenagers how to debate.

How to be involved in democracy from the inside, and how to become involved, informed, citizens. I suspect that some of them will be leaders someday. The most encouraging thing I saw was that when the winners of the tournament were announced, the young adults on the stage were diverse in ethnicity, gender, race, and economic status.

Are you trying to say "takes one to know one" or something like that?

Not at all. Just pointing out that how are we to communicate, if, as you pointed out, we are not at some point sitting at a keyboard? It is, after all, 2008, and whether or not you like it, this is the one of the easiest ways to communicate with individuals who are not all right in our neighborhood.

I think the post above by Mr. Adame illustrates quite eloquently the point I am making here.

Actually, if anyone has earned the right to sit at a keyboard and just type away, it would be Mr. Adame. But of course, you know that, because you know he's running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District. You know that served in the Marine Corps for 22 years. You know that he's been campaigning all over his district.

If you were, like me, one of the lucky ones who got to hear him speak at the January 2008 NCDP State Executive Committee meeting, you know that he can inspire crowds.

You know, of course, that he is not just typing away at his keyboard, he's actually putting his money where his mouth is by running for office.

It is not Marshall Adame who is behaving exactly like "they" want him to behave, but you. I have no idea who "they" are; in fact, I suspect that you don't either.

I find your repeated accusations of "keyboard commandos" at individuals who are more involved that you can imagine highly offensive. You have no idea who or what the individuals at the other end of the internet from you are and what other activities they may or may not be involved in. Your posts are cancerous, negative, and add virtually nothing to advance the discussion of actual issues.

I hope that clarifies what I meant by my post.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

The ultimate measure

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Enjoy your comfortable, convenient life.

I'm done here.

Yes, Go in peace

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Good luck out there. If you need help, just holler.

I am in Adames district

and he has my vote. I haven't been around this blog long enough to know the personalities and that's not saying I'm will stay .... but as an Indie, I cannot put all the blame on repubs as there are plenty of complicit dems in the actions which Adames rails against. Adames sounds like a patriot to me in this post, a dem in the mold of Wellstone, Kucinich, etc.
And I like what he has to say.