Huffpo on the DOJ's difficult road blocking NC's voter suppression law

Which only emphasizes the need for continued civil litigation:

The department lacks subpoena power in voting cases, which means it may have to look for evidence of discriminatory intent in emails that private litigants try to obtain through state freedom of information requests. If that doesn’t work out, the DOJ could try a more subtle strategy. “There's plenty of case law where the courts have found intent of racial discrimination because certain decisions aren't explainable unless you take account of race as the motivation,” Crayton said.

If you want to join this fight, donating to this group may be the best way.


Importance of local news and citizen video

This is why combing through and saving news articles, tv news reports and other pieces are important. Most importantly, getting NC's representatives "on the record" with cell phone audio or video in settings where they're more likely to be more candid with their hardcore supporters could be key to cases like this.

We need a team of Dems and progressives that are willing to go "undercover" to Republican and Tea Bagger events.