Hundreds of water quality rules on the chopping block

From the NC League of Conservation Voters via NC Policy Watch:

Every meaningful state protection for clean water in North Carolina will be at grave risk of being cut back or eliminated in the rules review process starting this week in Raleigh. At a hearing opening at 10 a.m. this Thursday, January 16, the powerful state Rules Review Commission (RRC) will outline its plan for sifting the “necessary” protections out of the wide body of state laws on water quality.

As the RRC adopts its procedural rules, the state Environmental Management Commission (EMC) is preparing its own review of 375 surface water and wetland rules that the Division of Water Resources says will need to go through the review and re-adoption process.

Were these across-the-board evaluations being conducted by experts it would still represent a problem, simply due to the volume of rules in question. But since many recent General Assembly appointees have demonstrated a severe lack of understanding and/or an outright aversion to science, it's a good bet many of these rules will be swept away with little or no debate. Hard-headedness and ignorance might be humorous in casual conversation, but that won't stop the damage from being done.


Trusting this administration

We really can't trust this current administration on many things. It will be interesting to see the actual actions that will be taken here. I think Progressive Pulse is seeing the handwriting on the wall with there possibly being many existing regs reduced or eliminated, but so far we really don't know exactly what they're looking at or what they have planned for sure. This may prove very interesting, very damaging or just inconsequential. Nice to see we have people keeping a close eye on it.

We've been tracking this for a long time

Republicans in the General Assembly held several kangaroo courts public input meetings a few years ago, where they marched out developers and other businessmen to complain about environmental regulations. Make no mistake, their intent isn't to merely "tweak" the system, it's to tear it down almost completely. This is just a latter and inevitable chapter in this book, a story that is not going to end well.

Tell them what you think

Here is a list of RRC members including hot-links of their e-mail addresses.

And you might want to mention, if they are unsure of the science involved with a particular rule or set of rules, getting rid of such without further guidance is not only reckless but could land them in court someday when birth defects or cancer clusters start showing up.

Case in point

Charleston, West Virginia


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