I couldn't agree more


Well said Frank!

Even the most rudimentary scan of the environment shows radical change in the situation the party is facing, so changes responding to that new reality is definitely the order of the day.

I agree that it's worth re-evaluating the lines we use to define regional segments of the party too. Durham and Elizabeth City near the coast sharing the same district for example hardly seems to be the most intuitive layout.

Back in 2008 at a NCDP think

Back in 2008 at a NCDP think tank meeting I was warning this would be the case in 2012 if we didn't put election and campaign finance reform at the top of our action list. It was very disturbing to be the only person in the room who seemed to be even slightly worried. The general response was "Didn't you notice that Obama won, so the system must work"? It took the surprise of Citizens United to get peoples attention.