I need your help research 12 candidates - Marriage Discrimination positions

I've tried taking a list of all incumbents, and all new GOP members in the House and Senate. And by process of elimination crossed them off one by one as I found they have supported a marriage discrimination constitutional amendment. I cross referenced lists of old & new GOP members against Equality NC's list of cosponsored of the marriage discrimination amendment, against the NC Family Policy Council questionnaire asking candidates where they stand, and then search as many candidates website as I could find who might take a stance on this issue on their website.

There are 12 names left. My hope is they haven't taken a stand, and thus they will be willing to abstain when it comes time rather than vote for it. But I can't be sure those 12 names shouldn't be whittled down more. Tell me if you know where any of these 12 stand.

District (location) - Candidate - Victory Margin%

House - Not on the record in favor of amendment:

District 46 (Hoke, Scotland, Robeson) - Gaston (G. L.) Pridgen - 4.5%
District 49 (Franklin, Halifax, Nash)- Glen Bradley - 3.5%
District 51 (Harnett, Lee) - Michael (Mike) Stone - 7.3%


Senate - Not on the record in favor of amendment:

District 8 (Brunswick, Columbus, Pender) - Bill Rabon - 26.96%
District 10 (Duplin, Lenoir, Sampson) - Brent Jackson – 4.78%
District 11 (Nash, Wilson) - E.S. (Buck) Newton - 6.06%
District 19 (Bladen, Cumberland) - Wesley Meredith – 2.36%
District 24 (Alamance, Caswell) - Rick Gunn – 11.08% (minus the libert. = 6.1%)
District 43 (Gaston) - Kathy Harrington 39.1%

District 17 (Wake) - Richard Stevens
District 30 (Stokes, Surry, Yadkin) - Donald East (found info, he's on the record in support)
District 36 (Cabarrus, Rowan) - Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.

This list might get shorter than 12. But it can't get longer. Anyone who is GOP & not on this list has said somewhere that they support a marriage discrimination amendment. I just need to know if I missed some of the "somewheres" out there. Do I need to narrow this list of 12 even more?


Moving marriage discussion to this thread

I'm not having this one discussion on which GOPs might be willing to abstain from voting for discrimination, in about 3 or 4 different threads. I made this to put it all in one place so I can keep up =)

Good idea

I'll see what I can find, Jake. So...isn't the Senate slightly more important, since the GOP holds a 3/5 majority?

They are both important

Its my understanding that they need to pass this in both chambers with a 3/5 majority.

So maybe that means we have more work to do in the Senate to peal back some votes since the GOP alone have a 3/5 majority. But 3 of the incumbents didn't cosponsor this when they had the chance (6 of the new GOPs don't seem to have taken sides either). If the 3 who haven't taken sides, continue to not take sides, then they can't do this without Democratic support.

Of course they have Democratic support. Last time they had 5 Senate Dems and 14 House Dems cosponsor this measure. Not all, but several of those Dems still hold office.

In the House they don't have a 3/5ths majority. We only have to throw up 1 road block, in either chamber, although its best to try in both. But since they don't have the majority to start with, this discrimination amendment can't come to pass without Democratic support. And we elected an openly gay candidate to the House that they'll have to look in the eye and explain their discrimination attempts too.

Another thing I could use some help on is figuring out where all the remaining Democrats stand.

Some sources:

On previous co-sponsors

Questionnaire responses (a Y response to the first question is support for this amendment)

And googling to find people's campaign websites and seeing if they make this an issue there can help too.

Does anyone have a list of all remaining Dems in GA?

What I could really use is a comprehensive list of surviving Democrats divided by House and Senate so I can cross reference it against those 3 types of sources I mentioned in an earlier post. Does anyone have such a list?

Make use of the General Assembly web site


There are unofficial lists of 2011 session members on the front page.

You can search the bill text for "Defense of Marriage" and get co-sponsor lists for any bill going back years.

The text of the NC Constitution and searchable NC General Statutes are there as well.

A constitutional amendment takes 3/5ths of each chamber then a majority vote by the people.

The Governor and Lt Gov have no role in the process* except their bully pulpit.

*Unless the bill is written like the tax increment financing (TIF) constitutional amendment that was passed in 2004. This was the last constitutional amendment that NC passed until Tuesday's "no felon as sheriff" amendment. The bill containing the TIF amendment had all kinds of enabling legislation rolled in with it, and therefore needed the Governor's signature (Easley at the time). Hit the links in this note to see how the governor had to sign one, but not the other. The presiding officer of each chamber signature is a formality that the majority in the chamber controls.



There are unofficial lists of 2011 session members on the front page.

That was exactly what I was looking for. I looked at the list of surviving & new dems, and compared them to Equality NC's list of cosponsors and to NC Family Policy's questionnaires w/ the marriage discrimination question, and it looks like there was only 1 Dem on the record in favor of discrimination in the Senate:

District 4 Bertie, Chowan, Gates, Halifax, Hertford, Northampton, Perquimans
Ed Jones - Halifax (D)

I'm getting ready to do the same for the House.

NC Senate

DISTRICT #2 (1): Chowan, Dare, Hyde, Washington.
*Timothy L. Spear (Washington) (D)

DISTRICT #21 (1): Sampson (Part) and Wayne (Part).
*Larry M. Bell (Sampson) (D)

DISTRICT #22 (1): Bladen and Cumberland (Part).
*William D. Brisson (Bladen) (D)

DISTRICT #27 (1): Northampton, Vance (Part), and Warren.
*Michael H. Wray (Northampton) (D)

DISTRICT #72 (1): Forsyth (Part).
*Earline W. Parmon (Forsyth) (D)

These are the pro-discrimination NC Senators from the Dem side. I was pleased not to find any of the incoming freshman Dems on the NC Family questionnaire list in favor of discrimination.

The Math

Senate 50 x 3/5 = 30 needed to pass (currently 31 GOP 19 Dems)

23 GOP on the record in favor of it + 5 Dems on the record in favor of it = 28. So they need 2 more votes. There are 8 GOPs who haven't taken a firm stance where they might find these.

House 120 x 3/5 = 72 needed to pass (currently 67 GOP, 1 Unaff, 52 Dems)

64 GOP in favor " 1 Uaff + 5 Dems in favor = 70. So they need 2 more votes. There are 3 GOPs who haven't taken a firm stance where they might find these.

Its worth trying to stop this in the Senate, but they can easily reach 3/5ths even w/o the Dems help that they're getting.

The House seems like the best chance to put up a road block. Either peel back some of those 5 Dems, or keep some of those 3 GOPs who haven't taken a side from taking a side, or some combination of the two. And its the only branch with an openly gay member.

2 of 8

Our best hope is the House. We have to win over 2 of the following 8 people.

Dems who support discrimination:

DISTRICT #2 (1): Chowan, Dare, Hyde, Washington.
*Timothy L. Spear (Washington) (D)

DISTRICT #21 (1): Sampson (Part) and Wayne (Part).
*Larry M. Bell (Sampson) (D)

DISTRICT #22 (1): Bladen and Cumberland (Part).
*William D. Brisson (Bladen) (D)

DISTRICT #27 (1): Northampton, Vance (Part), and Warren.
*Michael H. Wray (Northampton) (D)

DISTRICT #72 (1): Forsyth (Part).
*Earline W. Parmon (Forsyth) (D)

GOP who haven't taken a stance, but probably support discrimination:

District 46 (Hoke, Scotland, Robeson) - Gaston (G. L.) Pridgen - 4.5%
District 49 (Franklin, Halifax, Nash)- Glen Bradley - 3.5% (supports a constitutional abortion amendment, so not a good bet)
District 51 (Harnett, Lee) - Michael (Mike) Stone - 7.3%

Shouldnt assume Jake

Glen Bradley would vote no.

I'm happy to hear that

Has he said as much on the record anywhere? Or is this just personal knowledge about him?


I sent you a message via bluenc


Don't be coy, Marc

Glen Bradley's opinion on this is something every Conservative should read. It might make blocking this stupid amendment much easier. Here's a taste:

What happens if the state figures out it can regulate one church doctrine, so it starts to regulate others. Today the state sets definition of marriage, and so tomorrow the state sets the definition of "god?" A Republican would not socialize morality, any more than he would socialize debt. One is a question against God, and the other is a question against our peers.

I submit that God ordained free will for His pleasure, and quite intentionally set mankind along that path of liberty. This is why our Founders gave us freedom of religion in the first place, liberty to seek God - without interference from Big Brother to decide what kinds of god we are or are not allowed to seek.

While Bradley would probably fight any attempt to legalize gay marriage, it looks like he'd fight any attempt to make it (Constitutionally) illegal as well.

I am not being coy. I am

I am not being coy. I am trying hard not to get caught up in partisan games. I personally think that govt has no right to be involved in marriage. Marriage is a contract between two consenting adults. I would oppose any attempt by the GOP to push through a marriage amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Glen Bradley is also against this amendment which is exactly what Jake asked... What more do you want?

Thank You Jake

Jake, like you, this issue, which I have to admit seems inevitable, has been foremost in my mind since Tuesday. It looks like there is at least a glimmer of hope, especially with Dan Gurley's knowledge of Republicans and maybe, just maybe, influence on a couple. It still makes my heart sink to imagine what we are most likely in for in the coming months, however--not the result so much as the process. I was in California the week before Prop 8 passed, and that's all you saw on TV.

Yeah, it sounds like he has the right experience

from what I saw in an ENC election results response e-mail:

Fortunately, we've always been committed to working with legislators on both sides of the aisle, and we won't be starting from scratch. There are Republicans we can and will work with, in addition to continuing to build support in the Democratic caucus. Our membership long been bipartisan, and three of our board members are Republican, including Equality NC's board chair, Dan Gurley, who is the former Executive Director of the NC Republican Party. They are great assets to have as we look for opportunities to find GOP support.

Also, this:

What The Voters Didn't Say on LGBT Rights

One thing that is very clear from last night's election results is that voters were not focused on LGBT issues.

While some pundits said that voting for our pro-equality legislation was politically dangerous, legislators in challenging districts who were directly attacked for supporting the School Violence Prevention Act (Sen. Bill Purcell, Rep. Darren Jackson, and Rep. Grier Martin) won re-election.

Equality NC PAC's endorsed candidates fared well. In fact, none of our endorsed candidates who were previously elected to their seat lost last night. Overall 42 of our 52 endorsed legislative candidates won their races. (Click here for results in these races.)

One other take away from the results is that moderate Democrats who took anti-equality positions out of political fear were not protected by their cowardly stance: Sen. Don Davis, a co-sponsor of the Marriage Discrimination Amendment, and Sen. A.B. Swindell and Rep. Nelson Cole, who voted against the School Violence Prevention Act, all lost their races.

Got 1

I asked Representative Glen Bradley about where he stands (thanks to Marc's comment) saying I wanted "to get your official comment on where you stand on this issue"

His response was that while he opposes allow gay couples to get married, he believes that "marriage is solely in the dominion of God, and that any attempt on the part of government to trespass against the dominion of God is a kind of blasphemy. Therefore I not only oppose the definition of marriage amendment, I also oppose the practice of licensing marriages in the first place."

He also said "I am going to take a lot of heat for opposing the marriage amendment, I know that, but whatever heat I take is worth it for the honor of standing up to reassert our Constitutional form of government."

From his full message its clear that he's not a fan of gay couples getting married, but he'll be an ally in this particular battle. I had only hoped to find GOPs that might abstain. I am heartened to find someone who will actively work against this.

Time to update my math:

House 120 x 3/5 = 72 needed to pass (currently 67 GOP, 1 Unaff, 52 Dems)

64 GOP in favor " 1 Uaff + 5 Dems in favor = 70. So they need 2 more votes. 1 GOP opposed. There are 2 GOPs who haven't taken a firm stance where they might find the needed 2 votes.

If either of those 2 remaining GOPs will oppose this measure, then they can't reach 3/5ths (unless more Dems cross over to the dark side)

Heh :)

I was typing my comment up there while you posted this. I hope Glen stands up in front of the House and says those things.

He will :-) he's one of those

He will :-) he's one of those opinionated former marines ;-) he will be a very good ally for some of you progressive folk on a range of issues if you dont bludgeon him over the head too often.

So...how often

is too often? Just trying to get some kind of range to work with. :)

Well if you can handle Ron

Well if you can handle Ron Paul you will probably be ok with Glen. Considering some of the viewpoints of some elected Dems in this state i think you will like him just fine. :-)

Do you know of any other liked minded

GOPs in the House, whether incumbent or new, that I might try reaching out to?

The New Dems in the General Assembly

I've been assuming they're on the non-discrimination side of this issue.

I've tried checking.

None of the new Dems responded to the NC Family Policy Questionnaire:

District 21 Cumberland (Part)
Eric L. Mansfield - Cumberland (D)

District 28 Guilford (Part)
Dr. Gladys A. Robinson - Guilford (D)


DISTRICT #18 (1): New Hanover (Part).
Susi Hamilton (New Hanover) (D)

DISTRICT #47 (1):
Charles Graham (Robeson) (D)

DISTRICT #60 (1): Guilford (Part).
Marcus Brandon, Jr. (Guilford) (D)

DISTRICT #66 (1): Montgomery (Part) and Richmond.
Ken Goodman (Richmond) (D)

DISTRICT #99 (1): Mecklenburg (Part).
Rodney W. Moore (Mecklenburg) (D)

Nothing on their websites either to suggest they'd vote for it.

I didn't expect any one of them would be on the wrong side of this, but I figured it was worth doubling checking all their campaign websites.

Good thought

Robinson & Goodman didn't make that cut.

I wonder if it was over this issue, or another one though. I mean they didn't campaign on their websites on the issue at all, and they both ignored the NC Family Policy questionnaire.

I may just e-mail them and ask them where they stand... unless anyone has ideas on other ways to research this?

New folks are tough,

with no previous votes/sponsorships to go by. But it looks like Gladys Robinson is fairly progressive, while Ken Goodman appears to be relatively conservative.

I E-mailed both new members of the General Assembly

in question on the Democratic side to see where they stand. I'll share the results if I hear anything back.

Latest update

House 120 x 3/5 = 72 needed to pass (currently 68 GOP, 52 Dems)

65 GOP in favor + 5 Dems in favor = 70. So they need 2 more votes. 1 GOP opposed. There are 2 GOPs who haven't taken a firm stance where they might find the needed 2 votes.

The one unaffiliated has officially gone GOP today according to WUNC.