I probably ought to apologize, but it's personal.

Reflecting on my "evolution" comment of last night, I thought "That was over the top...I ought to apologize." I thought about it some more and decided, "No, I'm not going to do it. "This stuff about conservatives positioning themselves as the hardworking virtuous trying to save the country from the lazy and wasteful who want to redistribute wealth to their own advantage, and conservative's supposedly basing their decisions on logic as opposed to decisions made by liberal bleeding hearts...has come down to war. And, it's personal. And I'm going to fight...and don't really care if I insult some folks.

Up front, my wife and I are blessed. We don't have worries about how we're gonna pay the monthly bills and so on.

My wife has a currently incurable and rare disease. The good news is it isn't going to kill her and it can be controlled. The drugs she MUST take...or suffer in very undesirable ways....are very...let me repeat...very...expensive. One of those drugs, manufactured and developed in America, owned by an American company, ordered in America can cost more than $20 for a single dose...and my wife requires four every day. About two weeks ago our pharmacy told us the price was going up and would cost us an extra $3200 yearly. The other drug, also very expensive...if ordered at an American pharmacy is well over four times the cost for the same drug procured elsewhere. These same drugs have broad application related to other afflictions.

I'm not going to say it isn't the right of the manufacturer to raise prices, nor that it's my wife's right to have these drugs and that if I can't afford them someone else should pay. I don't know the profit margins involved or the costs. What I do know is this: If there was a health care system in this country that addressed the needs of the populace, it would permit people to pay a reasonable price for medical and prescription drug insurance and all of us could live better lives, and lives without the fear of medical bankruptcy, or having to make a decision of about buying food or heating oil versus paying outrageous prices for a medical necessity. A situation where, often, the outrageous prices are used to finance outrageous compensation and profits for a very few....and to pay lobbyists to keep it that way.

How the GOP and it's leadership can dupe their followers into believing that they themselves haven't contributed to and profited from the excesses in this nation that always favor the wealthy and powerful is beyond me. Who fights the wars? Who pays the highest tax rates? Not them. Their followers do...and of course the poor and middle class regardless of party affiliation. Why is it American Drug companies sell their drugs elsewhere for lower prices than in America? Or, why is it that American Pharmacists charge more? Why is it that Americans are going to India (even other American Physicians) to get medical care? I can't answer all those questions...but the last one is...because they can get equivalent or better care and can afford to pay for it without going into bankruptcy.

So, when I have some "conservative" tell me...among other drivel...that they're just applying cold-hard-logic and trying to play fair and just make sure American's tax dollars aren't being used to finance the lazy...I go nuts. And, I'm not going to apologize for labeling them for what they are.


No apology needed

I see things the same way. We are indeed at war.

In many ways, I'm in the same blessed boat you are. I've been lucky in business and don't have to spend time worrying about whether I can pay my bills or not. That said, the arrogance and greed of today's Tea Party Patriots is breathtaking in its sweep, and the cost that our children will bear in terms of environmental degradation, class divisions, decaying infrastructure, and worse, is almost unthinkable.

My son and his wife are expecting a child this year. My own daughter will be graduating from college in a couple of years. The world we are giving them is not something I'm proud of ... and it's getting worse instead of better.

The shortsighted, myopic agenda of people like Frank is sickening.

I join you on the frontlines. The rightwing has adopted a "take no prisoners" strategy. We can do nothing less.