I stand with Governor Perdue

Gary Pearce today opines that Governor Perdue's over-ridden vetoes underscored her political weakness. I see it differently. I see her over-ridden vetoes as underscoring her political integrity ... her willingness to do the right thing in the face of reckless partisan opposition.

We're proud of you, Governor Perdue.

If the North Carolina legislature wasn't filled with a majority of corrupt thugs, the Governor's vetoes would have been sustained. That says a lot more about the North Carolina General Assembly than it does about the Governor.


She's one of the good guys,

She's one of the good guys, for sure. I pray that God helps her make a comeback down the road, somehow, some way. And Dalton's weasely opposition to her veto of the fracking bill is not a good sign...not for his winning the election or being a strong progressive if he does.

Walter Dalton, on the other hand...

...by supporting the override, has shown himself to be weak and servile.

What a stomach-turning election this governor's race has turned out to be.

Dalton's campaign strategy appears to be

one designed to make himself indistinguishable from Pat McRmoney. I'm starting to think the poor boy may not have good sense.

Dalton's political skills

Hum,in a conversation today with an old activist, we asked each other, which poison pill would be better? Dalton who would represent us as Democrats while possibly undermining us at under the table or McCrory who we could at least attack as being a Republican. It's a sad choice.

Dalton should at least explain his naive move supporting fracking and offer lip service that he will support our Democratic platform, but IMHO, he lost the election yesterday.

What political skills?

What political skills?

Dalton is running, and she is not.

Which is why they are both free to take the positions that they have taken.

It isn't that the Perdue is

It isn't that the Perdue is weak it is that the Democrats in the legislature are weak of spine and mind. One cannot punch a bloody button and the other votes for fracking for a few bucks for a movie or two in Wilmington which would likely come anyway.....its appalling how piss poor Democrats elected in this State are and as a result the Republican neanderthal rule unimpeded. Yet the party eats itself over a kid who is extorting them for cash ....no wonder voters are disgusted with the lot.

Seanc, you are next

Damn naivety everywhere. Don't the folks at SEANC know that they are being used by the Republicans? Hate to inform SEANC, you are on the Republican target list, probably the next assembly.


Maybe the naivety is assuming that SEANC is a progressive group. A lot of the DOT workers, correctional officers, etc are conservative to the core. Guess which two groups makes up the largest portion of the SEANC membership? Dept of Transportation and Division of Prisons.

Or maybe after years of the Democrats being in control and being screwed over by leaders like Basnight and Rand, it is a case of you reap what you sow.