As if one Burr in our saddle was not enough, this Justin:

The overreach is stunning in its arrogance:

The latest comes from a 31 year-old bail bondsman/state representative from Stanly County named Justin Burr. Rep. Burr introduced a bill yesterday that would — we are not making this up — remove the long-accepted executive power of the Governor to fill vacancies on the state District Court (that’s main trial court in the North Carolina courts system) and transfer those power to — you guessed it — the legislature. If the legislature is not in session when a vacancy occurs, the duty falls to — surprise, surprise, surprise! — the Senate President Pro Tem and the House Speaker. This is apparently not intended as a joke on Burr’s part.

As is so often the case when it comes to the Republican leaders on Jones Street, the latest power grab proposal sounds as if it were cooked up in some late night, frat house bull session at which participants challenged each other to come up with ever more outrageous proposals. At this rate, by the end of the session, lawmakers will likely be proposing to turn the governor’s office into an unpaid volunteer position and transfer his or her official residence from the Mansion to a trailer on the legislative mall. Stay tuned.

Can you imagine, if the roles were reversed and a Democratic Legislature was systematically stripping the powers of a duly-elected Republican Governor? Conservative heads would be exploding...