If you have any pull with Nancy Pelosi

Whisper this in her ear.



All that Pelosi and the Dems have to do ...

... is keep repeating the same talking point.

"Trump's vision of a border Wall is controversial. The Democratic leadership has repeatedly offered to separate out that one issue for proper debate and consideration on its own merits to keep the government in operation. Both Congress and the President have a shared responsibility for funding and maintaining government operations. By insisting on this one controversial program and not allowing full and considered debate in a separate bill specifically on a Trump Wall, President Trump is abandoning his primary responsibility under the Constitution to keep the government in operation to serve the American people."

And they should follow it up with ...

"In the interests of the Constitutional duties of oversight of Congress over Federal spending, I am directing a House committee to fully investigate and disclose any political or foreign connections of proposed Trump Wall contractors to the American people.

President Trump's insistence on the Wall - even to the point of closing down the Federal government - and very specific visions from particular contractors for his Wall, is cause for concern about the merits awarding of these contracts to specific contractors."