I'm in – I'm running for re-election!

Two years ago, I made a decision to run for United States Senate because I believed that we, as a country, need to focus less on powerful special interests and more on middle class families and small business owners. While we came up just short in our fight last year, those very same issues that inspired me to run then still exist now.

That's why I'm proud to announce today that I have decided to run for re-election as North Carolina's Secretary of State!

Right now, we see people-powered movements like Occupy Wall Street taking to the streets out of anger at a system they know isn't fighting for them. I am inspired by these grassroots demonstrations and am hopeful that with the help of progressive leaders like myself we can save the Middle Class and restore the American Dream.

As your Secretary of State, I've worked to reform our lobbying laws, cracked down on scam artists using so-called “ponzi schemes” to prey on vulnerable citizens, and held powerful financial interests accountable when they misled investors and consumers. That's a record I am proud of – but it's also put a target on my back.

Today, there is a effort to roll back the lobbying laws at the state level. At the federal level, there is a push to strip my powers of enforcement and allow for “self-regulation” of the financial industry. We know what that gets us.

I’m running again because I’m ready to fight these attempts to shift power back into the hands of the few. But I'll need your help and support to win – and I'm going to need your help to get this country back on track.

Help us raise $10,000 online this month to fuel our early campaign by pitching in $5 or more right here!

Thank you for standing with me all these years,

Elaine Marshall


Some good news

Thank you for all that you do. It breaks my heart that you're not in the Senate, but I will support you for this important job.

Excited to hear it!

You've done amazing work over the years, Secretary Marshall, and I'm as excited to support your re-election bid today as I was to support your Senate bid two years ago. We need more leaders in Raleigh AND Washington like you.

Makes Sense

I was baffled when Elaine showed up to address Occupy Raleigh and seemed like she was making a political speech and was a little out of touch with those of us in the audience. I was stumped by her comment "What took you so long". I yelled back What are you talking about,We have been out her for a long time". Those around me laughed. We have been rallying,protesting, writing letters to the editor, etc. for years.

Go Elaine Go!

As your Secretary of State, I've worked to reform our lobbying laws

We need more voices in our government that believe that all people deserve equality and a government that is responsive to the people and not the special interests/lobbyists. Please keep up the good work on lobbying law reform, in a post Citizens United world money in politics is a very serious issue, and we need people who understand that and have experience fighting it.

Elain's staff, we have a problem ...

Multiple members of Occupy Raleigh have been posting fund raising letters from the Elaine Marshall campaign and talking about them. The letters do show the video of Elaine Marshall during her one visit to the protest, but all use a link:

In the e-mail, which goes to:


This is an ActBlue page to donate for Elaine Marshall.

At first the reaction was that this must be a scam. It does give the initial appearance that you might be donating to support Occupy Raleigh at Elaine's behest. However, the page seems in order and calls to her campaign have confirmed the emails did originate there.

She has not supported Occupy Raleigh's request for a permit, despite being asked. And now with multiple letters using the protest as a fundraising vehicle for her campaign there is rising disgruntlement on the Occupy communication channels. I think someone needs to consider this carefully or it might backfire spectacularly.

I'm an independent, and a swing voter. I have voted for Elaine in the past but this behavior leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. If your staff is going to use a group as a fundraising hook, please support it with more than a cameo. I am part of Occupy Raleigh, but since it is a volunteer led grassroots organization, I do not claim to speak for it.

I think I got that e-mail too

I think I got that e-mail too if it's the one that has "help our re-election campaign start off with a BANG by chipping in $5 or more" in it, and with the link itself in the e-mail saying "Contribute now to Support Elaine Marshall in 2012" once you click it.

I've participated in a few occupy events in Durham and Raleigh and a follow up committee meeting for Durham. As someone who supports what I've seen and experienced in the local Occupy movements, I also would be inclined to support Elaine too. While the e-mail reference to the Occupy movement is certainly a fundraising effort, it is also publicly supporting the movement in front of many of her campaign donors, which isn't a completely riskless thing to do politically given how hard some media outlets are trying to paint this movement as something unruly and aggressive.

While at these Occupy events I've heard about many issues including (but certainly not limited to) a lot about opposing corporate greed, opposing corporate personhood, and stopping big money special interests and lobbyists from buying our democracy. One great thing about protests and rallies is that they raise awareness about problems. The next step for successful movements has to be moving towards solutions. And keeping Elaine's voice in our state government, with her history of fighting lobbyists, seems like a solid step in that direction. Based on her career history and what I learned about her in the 2010 campaign, I'm inclined to trust that her motives for mentioning Occupy aren't sinister.

I'm inclided to agree too ..

But I've been around the block a few times. I'm actually bringing this up since I'd like to see her campaign smooth this over quickly with OR before they get more indignant about the perceived slight, it is a distraction neither party needs right now IMHO.

Isn't that permit a municipal function,

issued by the City of Raleigh itself? If so, I don't see how Elaine could even make that happen, unless you're talking about using back-channel pressure from a State-level office to a municipal one.

But I could be wrong about that. If anybody knows, please speak up.

Issue is the fundraising letters in tandem w/no permit support

She was approached to both sign the letter of support when OR put in the new request for a second permit, and to help put in a good word where she could. She did not do either, and when someone from OR spoke with Tom Mills from her staff by phone Wednesday he said she felt "her support would not have been helpful." OR did not expect anyone, and certainly not Elaine, to "make it happen". But as the document below shows they did go out of their way to get public sponsors for the new permit feeling the pressure would be useful.

And the permit is issued by the state Department of Administration (NCDOA) as it is state property. Here is the denied permit application: http://bit.ly/rppmFX (Public Google Doc). Just FYI.

Her campaign may be correct that her support would not have been helpful, but at a minimum it would have been understood as token. Other state level politicians were asked to sign, and did not, but there is no tempest in a teacup with them, even other ones OR had high hopes for, since none of them are sending out letters this week seeking donations based upon their purported support of OR. While some in OR may have been disappointed in Elaine's lack of support as there were high hopes after she spoke, the reason for the backlash on the list is that lack of any support, even requested token support, after that one cameo while simultaneously sending out multiple fundraising letters promoting her support of OR as a fundraising hook. The link formation in the e-mails even looking like it might be a donation to OR makes it clear the campaign is using that as the hook. No one blames her lack of support for the denial of the permit, of course.