I'm closing in on Burr! Can you vote for me today?

Friends --

Right this minute, I'm prepping for tonight's debate with my fellow candidates seeking the nomination, but I'd be remiss not to inform you of another sign of our campaign's momentum -- and our strength!

PPP has just released their latest tracking poll, and it again shows our campaign within striking distance of Richard Burr at 43% to 37%. Burr's approval rating rating is the lowest it's ever been in the history of PPP's tracking: 32%. This is the time to strike and push our campaign even closer!

That's why I need your help today.

I know this diary isn't very long, but Democracy for America -- one of the strongest progressive organizations in the country -- is running an online endorsement poll. Our campaign is in the lead but we need your help to push us our the top. Can you take a moment to vote for me and help secure a crucial nomination?


Thank you all so much.



I really hate to go here..

Elaine, P L E A S E do a re-read on your posts here. I know it can be said to be minor, but your post has some errors in it that would be seen if it was read through before posting.

Thanks. Just trying to help..don't take this wrong.

lowest it's even been in the history

should be "lowest it's ever been.."

campaign is in lead but we need your help

should be "campaign is in the lead but we need your help.."

I will most certainly be bashed and trashed for "nit-picking", but these kinds of things that seem unimportant can come back to haunt you.

I'm an Elaine Marshall supporter.