Independent Burr Poll Actually Conducted by His Campaign Manager

First Richard Burr whines about all the polls conducted by Public Policy Polling showing him not doing so well against an unnamed opponent. On June 7th Burr was quoted as saying:

"I think it's ridiculous to go through hypothetical head-to-heads," Burr said.

"The next election is not even something I'm thinking about. Nor should I, until I know who I'm running against," he said.

Burr said he hasn't run any of his own polls yet.

"Why should I poll?" he asked. "I don't know who I'm running against."

By June 15th Carolina Strategy Group had a poll in the field for Burr and before anyone says that it was an independent poll, Burr's campaign manager runs Carolina Strategy Group.

A week later, since they didn't have an opponent, Burr's campaign decided to run against Public Policy Polling:

The problem, Republicans say, is that PPP is no impartial observer. The firm makes its money by serving as the pollster to an exclusively Democratic roster of clients, ranging from members of Congress to dozens of state legislative and city council candidates. And CEO Dean Debnam has given generously to North Carolina Democratic candidates — including in races where his firm has conducted independent polling.


“What they’re doing needs to be put into a proper context. Their goal is to inject themselves into the political debate, and they need to be responsible and say, ‘Our agenda is to promote Democratic candidates,’” said Burr consultant Paul Shumaker. “What other motive would there be right now? Are they concerned about the people of North Carolina or worried about Democrats in North Carolina?”


“We’re absolutely rooting in the race. We don’t want Richard Burr to get reelected. We wanted Obama to win last fall,” said Jensen. “But our reputation is predicated on getting it right, and we’re not going to cook the numbers just to tweak Richard Burr’s nerves. They are what they are.”

That attack didn't work out too well for Burr. It seemed the more Politico looked into PPP, the better our little old local polling firm looked.

Now, the issue of polling has reached up to bite Burr in the fanny one more time. That polling firm that conducted the "independent" poll for know...the one run by Burr's campaign manager, well, it appears their questions crossed a line and now said campaign manager is having to claim an in-kind donation to the campaign. Roll Call has the entire story. Make sure you go read it.


Always too clever by half and then left holding the bag.

Republicans really do believe that IOKIYAR. I enjoyed the lame little dig Shumaker tried to get in at the end of his statement regarding PPP having an agenda and not knowing where the money came from, and then PPP spokesman Tom Jensen said PPP is transparent when it comes to its polling.

“The bottom line is that nobody external is paying for our polling unless we note that,” Jensen said. “We’ve never gotten a dollar from [Sen.] Kay Hagan [D-N.C.], we’ve never gotten a dollar from anybody looking to run for Senate next year in North Carolina, and if we did, we would note that.”

Hey Schmaker, all your lies an innuendo's are easily fact checked. Yeah, I know no one bothered 6 years ago, but there is a different wind blowing through the country and our State today.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

That whole fact-checking thing certainly is refreshing isn't it?

I just wish North Carolina newspapers hadn't fired or furloughed all their decent political reporters.

I guess it falls on us to pick up the slack. It's a heavy burden to bear :D but I'm up to the challenge if you are.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm willing to do some snooping in the name of reality

Who knows? If enough of us take up the mantle of doing our best to sift fact from fiction and report on what we find, maybe someday in the near future it won't be OKIYAR.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!


The registered agent for Carolina Strategy Group is State Representative Jeff Barnhart from Cabarrus County. The whole thing is contrived, smells fishy.