Israel using Twitter to undermine UN negotiators

And somebody is paying some good money to promote them Twitterwide:

3hEmbassy of Israel‏@IsraelinUSA

President Abbas, you have a decision to make: join us at the table and negotiate, or make a bad situation worse.

The video is a poorly-produced piece of propaganda, the end of which appears to suggest that death and destruction await the Palestinian people if they choose to follow United Nations' peace efforts. Here's a couple more promoted Tweets:

5hEmbassy of Israel‏@IsraelinUSA

To Palestinian President Abbas, the path to peace begins with the 7 minutes b/w Jerusalem & Ramallah, not UN podiums.

Embassy of Israel‏@IsraelinUSA

A Dinner For Peace: An Open Invitation to Palestinian President Abbas Join Us to Save Peace

I have a feeling these Tweets are more targeted at Americans than Palestinians, and will probably be reTweeted by idiot right-wingers who already think the UN is trying to invade Texas (or something equally stupid).

It could also be laying the groundwork for a post-invasion excuse (we tried to negotiate!).

Whatever the case, the Tweets and the video are downright weird.