Israel/Palestinian conflict just more of the same

You know, I've been seeing this Israel/Palestinian conflict for decades now in the news. Am I the only one that is getting tired of the same old/same old? I mean, look....this isn't about anything other than two very different religious philosophies going at it time and time again. Yeah...I hear all the tales of how Israel is killing so many innocent civilians every time there is rocket fire exchanged between these two. Now? Hamas rules the Palestinians and even the MOST sympathetic supporter of the Palestinians vs. Israel admits that Hamas is nothing more than a terrorist group hell bent on the elimination of the State of Israel. I do wonder why it's always Palestinian civilians killed that becomes the issue of the day in the media. I mean, unless you're a total and complete idiot, you just HAVE to know that countless numbers of innocent Israeli women and children have been killed in the various conflicts. At one juncture, the Palestinians were offered 98% of their request for land in Gaza and the West Bank and turned that proposal down. Truth? It's not about the's not about's not about a Palestinian state to these people. It's about the elimination of the State of Israel.

If I'm Israel, I will retaliate each and every time the Palestinians send rockets into Israel and kill its civilians...regardless of what party or element rules the Palestinians.

The second biggest joke with regard to the Nobel Peace Prize was when it was awarded for efforts made to bring about a peace between Israel and Palestine. (the biggest joke in that regard is giving Al Gore this prize for "global warming" efforts...but that's another issue altogether, isn't it?).