Is it any wonder McCrory doesn't understand or value education?

According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, DAG McCrory's alma mater (Catawba College) received ZERO stars in terms of quality of teacher preparation. With that kind of foundation, it's no wonder Mr. McCrory has no idea about the value of excellence in teaching and public education.

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My mom graduated from Catawba and was a great teacher her entire career. Maybe he doesn't understand education because he never taught.

Fair enough

I'm sure there are some great teachers from Catawba College despite their current rankings for quality. Thanks for the note ... and please give her our appreciation to your mom for doing god's work.

Will do

I'll make sure she comes to your Inauguration and you can thank her yourself. :-)

I can promise you that no

I can promise you that no college or university properly prepares students for the profession. The only thing that prepares a teacher is...........well nothing prepares a teacher. The best a new teacher can hope for is a few veterans to lean on and trial and error.

I understand your effort to point out the shortsightedness of DAG but this is stretching it a little too much. I doubt that the quality of the program at Catawba is significantly different than that at any of the others.

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Ahhh excuse me .. as a teacher in a teacher prep

program at NC State, I can tell you that the course I teach is loaded with practical teaching information. The focus is on special needs students, how to work with them, background info, diagnostic info, empathy training and a heavy dose of humane classroom management. Many of my students have said that the class was the most useful class they took.

You may be correct in that overall teacher training programs could be better, but forgive me for taking your comment somewhat personally. There may be "a reason why so many first-year teachers bail ...", but it is not ineffective college prep programs.

Real reasons for teachers leaving the profession can be found here. The study's salient stat for me was that 78.5% of teachers leaving the profession cite salary concerns. Low salary is the biggest reason by far that teachers quit. FYI - another study I noticed while digging that one up examined the reasons why talented young people do not go into teaching or, if the do become teachers right out of college, they leave teaching sooner that their less talented colleagues.

Basically you get what you pay for ... and the quality you keep depends on what you are willing to pay as well.

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I think it is safe to say

I think it is safe to say that the teaching staff at most schools primarily consists of two groups, people nearing retirement and those entering the profession. What is lacking are those in between, with 10-20 years in the classroom. With the GA failing to provide a salary increase to speak of for the last five years, efforts to remove tenure and salary rewards for graduate degrees it is safe to assume two things. First, veteran teachers approaching or having already reached thirty years (full retirement) in the system will more often opt to go ahead and retire rather than continue on another 5-15 more years. Secondly, newer teachers (1-10 years) will be even more likely to leave the profession as the economy improves and better pay and benefits are available elsewhere.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Just looking at the ratings

Lots of schools are evaluated. Catawba is called out especially for its low performance. Could be a fluke, a bad rating system, politics, or whatever. It's just a report.

You should also note that it

You should also note that it is one particular program at Catawba that they are called out for, not the entire education department.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I know I'm speaking from the posterior here, but

... my daughter is an education major in Boone at the moment, and from what I see and hear from her, as well as a number of other educators I've known, teaching is a bit like parenting. You can study and prepare all you want, but nothing compares to practical experience. You get out of it what you put in.

One of the main reasons I finally joined the #MM movement this week is to support teachers. The changes and cuts being pushed through at the NCGA will make all my daughter's hard work, never mind the mountain of debt she'staking on, all for nothing. I can't sit by and let it happen without a fight.


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