It is time we called the Republican party what it has become - The New Jim Crow Party

The following e-mail is an except of what I sent to the Democratic House members who sponsored or co-sponsored House Bill 84 which would repeal discriminatory and degrading scarlet letter drivers that the McCrory ordered issued to all immigrants with limited duration permits of legal residency in North Carolina:

I want to strongly commend you for standing up to and challenging this scarlet letter policy that others across the country are calling new series of New Jim Crow laws – facially neutral but have discriminate against or have a clearly negative and damaging impact on minorities, women, the disabled, the poor and workers. See the excellent Raleigh News and Observer in today paper. See link below. I would be great if every Democratic House member signed onto this important bill, regardless of its slim chance of passage in this legislature.

This may sound provocative but I believe we should start “branding” North Carolina’s Tea Party Republican legislature, Governor and Lt. Gov. and party leaders as the New Jim Crow Party.

I started thinking about this “brand” after reading The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michele Alexander, and recalled North Carolina’s history with Black Codes, Disenfranchisement, Jim Crow segregation, battles over school desegregation and the racist careers of Jesse Helms, John East and the NC Congressional Club. The more I thought about it in terms of the quest for political dominance, disenfranchising your opposing party’s voters, benefiting your party’s wealthy and corporate donors, burdening the majority of North Carolina that would vote them out of office if they all voted, carrying out the Republican Party’s ideological crusade shrink and wreck government and holding back the tide of our demographic future as long as possible, the more this Jim Crow analogy seemed to apply to the current national and state Republican Party.

So, I did a little internet search and viola, look what I found. There are a lot of other thoughtful and knowledgeable folks across the country and in North Carolina, including former President Bill Clinton, who have come to the same conclusion about the Republican brand and their public policies. See the links below. Of course, the four minister in the N&O article are essentially making the same point without explicitly using the New Jim Crow brand.

By the way, when I use the term The New Jim Crow, I am not just referring to facially neutral laws and policies that discriminate against African American and reduce the economic, social and political opportunities, but also how such laws similarly negative impact all racial minorities, gay and lesbians, all economically vulnerable people, persons with disabilities, women, young people, etc. who represent what has been documented as representing the rising Democratic Party demographic base.

Thanks again for standing up to his blatant and degrading bigotry.

Jeffrey Starkweather, Pittsboro

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Jim Crow is Back as a Republican

Thanks to Jeffrey Starkweather for branding the NC Republican Party - the New Jim Crow Party! Republicans have become obsessed with curtailing the voting rights of minorities - exactly like the days when Jim Crow stalked the state boards of elections in many states.

With the advent of the "pink"

With the advent of the "pink" stripe we have another racist touchstone as well. How long before we see the next version of the yellow star of david badge. That would make a complete set.

My father and his friends fought one war to end this kind of madness elsewhere. When he came home there was yet another war he and his friends fought to end it here.

We now have the rise and rise of the same kind of madness. It is well past time when it should walk so boldly in the light of day in my home town and yours. The Republicans in Raleigh and elsewhere must be held accountable for the public atrocities they are creating!

Yellow star of David

You do realize that we limited the number of Jewish refugees leading up to and during WWII. If I am not mistaken Pres. Roosevelt denied the S.S. St. Louis to land in the United States. Many of the Jews on board had to return to Europe where some died in the camps.

The illegals of today have a much easier time coming to the United States than did the Jews in the 1940's. It is fairly obvious that today's illegal immigrants are not too worried about being put in the camps.

But it's not just the "illegals" who will get the pink

stripe. People authorized to work or study in the US by President Obama's "Dream Act" decree would also have to deal with the nonsense and inherent bigotry created by the R's in Raleigh. The comparison to the Yellow Stars is closer than you allow.

And why the hell are they worrying about this crap anyways?!?!?!?!?! How many jobless poeple will be employed? hungry fed? children educated? Homeless housed? And yet those bastards will sit in church and sing hymns to the glory of Christ. Hypocrites!!!!

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

The point is that as Jeff Starkweather points out the GOP

in North Carolina and nationally is re-institutionalizing racism. It is using fear and hatred to justify the measures of control applied to anyone who disputes their claim to authority and power. The North Carolina GOP leadership spent the last 25 years hounding traditional moderate republicans out of the party. Anyone who did not advocate their version of the the Divine White Right to rule was ruthlessly attacked.

Their willingness to allow anyone to suffer in the aftermath of winter storm Sandy, indeed to encourage similar suffering under the advent of sequestration, points clearly to their utter lack of compassion. That the GOP has been rapidly creating legal sub-classes of citizens purely as levers to enable and maintain their own authority displays the complete contempt they have for anyone outside their own class.

To my mind if anything it is a slight understatement to classify them as "only" the New Jim Crow Party. (No offense Jeff, you nailed it). I had in mind a more inclusive sobriquet which relates to their ultimate goals. These days the comparison to the National Socialist Party of 1930's Germany seems too often used and too easily. Going by the insular and desperate nature of their present showing I fear it is also far too accurate.

You sound like alex jones on infowars

I thought he was the only talking about the camps.