It was the leftist liberal's who made me do it

I'm not sure if former state senator Hugh Webster is insane or just bat shit crazy, but whatever it is, it is our fault.

YANCEYVILLE - Hugh Webster was in a fighting mood Monday just before jury selection began in his trial in Caswell County Superior Court on embezzlement and exploiting the trust of an elderly person charges.

"I've got a hell of a lot of money in this dog-and-pony show," he said on his way to the courthouse. "They call me a defendant. I'm a victim."


Webster said the trial will show that the SBI and his aunt have "grossly misrepresented the facts."

He thinks that "leftists, liberals - the people who would try to rob us of our money and freedoms" are behind the charges.

Hey, Hugh. I'm sorry for whatever it is I did. You know, I have to admit I admire that whole personal responsibility thing you have going on there, Hugh. Good on ya.



every last one of them.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Call the waaaaaamublance

Hugh's in need of some mental health treatment.

What's that you say ... budgets have been cut and there's no care to be had? Hmmmm. Well screw him then. Let his greedy ass rot in jail.