It's time to drop all of the charges, Colin

There's no demonstrable or relevant difference between these folks and the rest:

Via the Associated Press:

NAACP President William Barber says lawyers representing protesters were told Wednesday that charges are being dropped against those arrested at the Moral Monday protest May 20. Barber says the cases were dismissed after two protesters tried Tuesday were acquitted by District Court Judge Joy Hamilton.

District Attorney Colon Willoughby did not know the total number of dismissals, but said his office plans to move forward with the remaining cases.

And by continuing this farce you're not only ignoring precedent, but the cost associated with these unnecessary proceedings will fall squarely on your shoulders, not the protestors, as you have previously claimed. Give it a rest, pal.



There is no meaningful difference between the protests on one Monday versus another. I know. I was at most of them.

On June 3, hundreds of people were arrested, along with me, doing exactly the same thing that was done the week before and the week after. The charade of splitting hairs about circumstances and context is just that: a charade.

It is a sham

And trying to parse out varying levels of guilt or innocence based on subjective observations merely demonstrates (for all to see) how screwed up our system of justice has become.

Use it as a defense...

"Your Honor, I was acting exactly like the protestors did on May 20."

Make the court show the difference.