It's Veterans Day again

It's Veterans Day once again. Actually a day late since it's not even recognized until the tax paid workers can get the day off. Except if you're military of course. And if you happen to be in Iraq or Afghanistan, y'all keep you're fucking heads down.

Anyway, on my way to work this morning, being a veteran (and not working for the local, state or federal government), I don't have the day off, and I did notice something very telling. Aside from the usual 20 to 30-something driving the 4wd pickup with a confederate flag, B*$H sticker, terrorist hunting permit and "support the troops (tm c GOP) sticker, the vast majority of the bumper stickers I saw were Veterans for Peace, Kerry/Edwards, Impeach now!, even a few Who Would Jesus Bomb? stickers.

The rest of the rant for those who do want to see the full on, no punches pulled version: Here.