Janet Zelman

There's a lot of talk out here on the Internets about who needs to do what when it comes to campaigns and elections. I'm as guilty as anyone of chattering without actually doing the hard work. So it's with humility and admiration that I acknowledge the amazing accomplishments of Janet Zelman and her voter registration team over the past five months. In partnership with the Orange County Democratic Party, Janet has done what really needs doing: registering people to vote.

For those who want to know the bottom line, Janet's team registered 750 actual voters, working at the Carrboro Farmers' Market, the Chapel Hill Public Library, and the Art Walk in Hillsborough. And just as important, they also trained 150 additional people who can now register voters as well.

This matters a lot. Here's why: In 2015, 69 North Carolina cities had a mayor or town council member elected by fewer than five votes. In 31 of those races, a single vote separated the winner from the loser. (Source: Democracy NC.)

Janet is a friend and a tireless advocate for voters and voters rights. She's not allowed to be partisan in her training, but I'm here to say that her work will almost certainly mean that more of the good guys get elected.

Janet's team is taking a break after last week's election, but they'll be back on the job in January, doing the work that makes the difference that needs to be made.



Great work!

That's actually a lot of registrations. And even if only 10% of the people they trained pulled in the same numbers in 2018, that's well over 10,000 new voters. That's how change happens, right there.