Jason Thigpen's Facebook Says it All

I wanted to post this extract directly taken from Jason Thigpen's current Facebook Page. Facts are facts...the attached is currently available on ThigpenforCongress Facebook page, however when I posted this on the New Hanover County's Facebook page it was taken down nearly immediately by Richard Poole, an Admin for the page. Richard's reasoning was that this was a negative post. When the facts are being made available to the public, especially those that are currently being displayed on the person's facebook page then I don't consider this as negative.

A candidate's values are very important to the voters and when a candidate endorses the Democratic Party, you don't support these types of organizations if you are indeed a Democrat. As Democrats, we must be very careful who we endorse these days. The Koch Brothers and Art Pope are constantly developing strategies to win elections at all levels at all cost. Would it be too far fetched to believe that the Koch's and Art Pope would not run former Republicans as Democrats to win elections? Let's not be naive.

While Richard Poole, as the Hanover County Democrats Facebook Admin has the right to take down a post "he" feels is negative, but the fact the he finds the posts negative does not necessarily mean that post is, in fact negative. If I were a Jason Thigpen supporter I probably would find this post negative, and I would find a way to take the post down, but the Truth is the Truth. If this information is so negative why is it on Jason Thigpen's Facebook Page?

After all that has happened in North Carolina with the McCrory administration, with the Tea Party shutdown of our Government, and the fabrications made by the GOP on the "so called" scandals of Benghazi and the IRS, the Democrats of North Carolina should be skeptical of Tea Party members that switch parties just before a HUGE 2014 Midterm Primaries and subsequent General Elections.

You decide...


Jason Quickly took down his Likes

Jason was quick to respond...he took down this list....Good Move Jason...Closing the Gate after the Cow's out.....

What was the content?

"This content is currently unavailable".

Can you describe what was there?

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Various Republican organizations

I saw the screen capture on Facebook, and it looked like any other dedicated Republican, with likes for various county GOP pages and such.

Yes, but he's a Democratic Candidate...

You're right and you would expect that list of organizations on a Republican or Tea Party Member's page.....but he's running as a Democrat!!!

Click on the link I provided

Posmo, Just click on the link I provided...I just clicked on it and it still works...

Jason Thigpen's removal...

...of his likes REALLY says it all...