Jerry Brown's revenge

There's a fascinating column in the Times today, one that explores the growing momentum in California: reinvestment in higher ed, infrastructure planning, etc., etc. And it's all because the Governor Jerry Brown pushed through a significant tax increase on the wealthiest Californians. They now have a $5 billion surplus. Three times more people are coming into the state than leaving. You get the picture.

So what's the lesson for Pat McCrory? There is no lesson. Pat McCrory is a hapless lapdog of Art Pope, the erstwhile emperor who has no clothes. Unlike Governor Brown, who is proving the value of a progressive tax system, Art Pope is blinded by his passion to cut taxes and deregulate. Millions of hard working people in North Carolina are suffering while a few thousand laugh all the way to the bank. If I believed in hell, I'd be reserving a special place for Mr. Pope.


If you build it, they will

If you build it, they will come.