John Edwards, Labor's Choice in 'o8?

I'll bet that a Robert Novak column is not often referred to in these pages, but today let's make an exception. This week's column is all about John Edwards, and it suggests that he is the front runner to win the endorsement of the Teamsters Union and the Service Employees International Union.

According to Novak part of their preference for Edwards is the fact that they're not optimistic about Clinton's electibility, nor are they encouraged by Obama's lack of experience. However, even with these concerns set to one side, Edwards has made it a big priority to court labor. Some quarters regard his choice of former Rep. David Bonior of Michigan as his national campaign manager as an effort to demonstrate his support for labor. According to Novak,

In addition to the SEIU and the Teamsters, Edwards has been making points with two other Change to Win unions: Unite Here (apparel and hotel-restaurant workers) and Laborers International. He is also popular with AFL-CIO unions, especially the Steelworkers, Iron Workers and Communications Workers. He won the AFL-CIO's Wellstone Award for backing labor initiatives in 2006.

In an odd twist at the end of the story Novak claims that Edward's only downside with labor leaders is their discomfort with Elizabeth Edwards and her prominent role in the campaign. Which makes one wonder, have they ever met the woman?


wont be a shock

UNITE-HERE was already rumored to be part of the Edwards Nevada Campaign team BEFORE Bonior came on board.

To me, the question will be whether or not Unions can overcome their bad reputation that is still left over from 20 years ago. Being the union candidate will help in Nevada's primary, but I wonder how it will affect him in South Carolina and in the general.

"Keep the Faith"