Join us tomorrow to deliver our petition to support the public option to Sen Hagan !

BlueNC & NC progressive activists pulled out all the stops to encourage Senator Hagan to support President Obama's public insurance option and it paid off.

During the last few weeks, with the help of James, Betsy, Pam, Jane Hamshire and all of of us here at BlueNC, we gathered thousands of signatures for a petition from NC breast cancer survivors urging Senator Hagan to support the public option. Tomorrow in Raleigh we'll be delivering these to Senator Hagan's office and we need you there!

Tomorrow at 9:00 am in Raleigh, some of the tremendous cancer survivors who organized this petition will be joining other NC activists to deliver this petition and thousands of signatures to Senator Hagan. If you can find a half-hour tomorrow morning, please join us.

Breast Cancer Survivors of North Carolina to Deliver Petition and Formal Letter to Senator Hagan Urging Strong Support and Leadership on Public Option as Part of Health Care Reform

Raleigh, NC – On July 8, 2009, at 9:00 am breast cancer survivors and health care activists from North Carolina will deliver a formal letter and petition signatures from North Carolinians urging Senator Hagan to strongly support a public option that is “available everywhere in the nation day one, government appointed and accountable.”

The group of more than 30 breast cancer survivors launched the petition along with an open letter to Senator Hagan last week after becoming concerned with reports that Senator Hagan was not prepared to support president Obama’s plan for health care reform. Tomorrow, some of the breast cancer survivors and other allies will make a personal visit Senator Hagan’s Raleigh office to urge for leadership on the issue.

WHO: Breast cancer survivors and health care activists

WHEN: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 9:00 am Eastern

WHERE: 310 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27601

The text of the petition says:

Senator Hagan, stand with us!

As breast cancer survivors of North Carolina, we know that early detection and treatment are critical to long-term survival.

But many women who are uninsured or underinsured do not seek treatment because of cost. Young black women have twice the mortality rate from breast cancer as young white women, and are more than 5 times as likely to receive treatment delays.

We are alive today because medical care was available to us.

Eighteen thousand people die in this country each year because they have no insurance. On behalf of our sisters, we ask that Senator Hagan support a strong public insurance plan, available nationwide from day one and accountable to Congress and the voters.


How did the morning go?

Post pics if you have them. :)

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it's complicated

I joined a dozen other 2008 Hagan campaign volunteers and two medical professionals in delivering this petition to Senator Hagan's office in Raleigh today.

Since we had a television crew from News 14 with us we weren't allowed to all go into Hagan's office. It is a federal building and apparently you can't bring video cameras in without a court order.

Deputy State Director Tony Caravano politely accepted our petition. He offered that we should be patient with Senator Hagan because health care is a complicated issue.

i can post some pictures soon

thanks to everyone who took part today, especially the brave breast cancer survivors who organized this event to share their stories and fight for quality affordable guaranteed health care for everyone.

I'll post links if the press decides to feature it as well.

--- Willie