Judge rules Charlotte airport to stay under city control

Alaska has its 'Bridge to Nowhere' and North Carolina has its 'Commission without a Cause.' Mecklenburg Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin has ruled that the Charlotte Airport Commission that was created by the Republican legislature cannot control Charlotte Douglas International Airport without an order from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has said it would not grant the commission permission unless the city requests it and that is unlikely, since the city has been fighting to retain control of the airport. It also helps that the FAA is an agency of the Department of Transportation and former Charlotte Mayor, Anthony Foxx is Transportation Secretary.

Adding insult to injury, Judge Ervin also ruled that the commission should pay court costs. It is believed the the $1 million the city spent securing outside counsel will not be included in that amount leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill of yet another failed Republican folly.

The ball is in Attorney General Roy Cooper's court. Will the state appeal?