Judge rules on June's job in July

We elected June Atkinson. She won fair and square. Bev Perdue didn't like the way we voted and she appointed someone else to handle the duties we thought we'd elected June Atkinson to perform. On Friday, a judge will rule whether June will retain those duties that we elected her to perform or whether Bev Perdue's end run around the voters of North Carolina will stand.

I voted for June. I hope the judge rules in her favor. I trust her judgment.

OK, so I have oversimplified things here. Maybe we should discuss whether the 1995 law that gave Bev Perdue the ability to strip June of her duties should stay on the books or whether the School Superintendent position should be an elected position. That's probably a lot more productive than beating up on Bev Perdue for doing something the law gave her the right to do.


Easley did it first

which is reason enough all by itself not to follow the misguided practice.

Didn't he replace a Republican?

I probably wouldn't have been as upset about that one. ;D

Seriously, though.....elected position or not? Keep law or get rid of it?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.