Just in from NCDP - R's trying to throw out challenge to their gerrymandered districts

Yes, it's a plea for funding, but this is a cause that just might be worth supporting.

Link to donation page here.

From the email ...

There is no question that we have the law on our side and have the evidence to show that these illegally drawn maps are not in the best interest of the people of North Carolina.

In fact, in a previous court ruling, the three-judge panel noted:

“Plaintiffs, in their challenge, have raised serious issues and arguments about, among other things, the extent to which racial classifications were used in the enactment of these Plans.”

We need your help now to have the resources to be heard in court! Our fight requires retaining the best legal counsel and expert witnesses to show how the Republican maps do not comply with the law.

Spread the word if you please.


I contributed

Of all the contributions it is possible to make right now, challenging the corrupt GOP regime in the courts is the highest and best use of any dollar a progressive Democrat is willing to part with.

It felt good to make the gift after a long, cold spell of steering clear of the NCDP, and I hope the Party will take the contribution as a sign of interest in deeper and more transparent engagement. That said, I'm not holding my breath. There hasn't been an official comment by any party official here at BlueNC since the days of Jerry Meek.

It'll be interesting to see how things unfold over the next couple of years. Mansfield and Voller have both come by as part of their outreach to garner support for their candidacies. Other candidates in years past have done the same ... but they disappeared once they got what they wanted.

Larry Kissell was another such hit-and-runner. Leaves a sour taste.

Why not run for Party Chair...

...to build the Party not only to be able to get enough volunteers to do GOTV work so we can win all the races on the ballot from dog-catcher on up, but also to raise the money needed to do all that GOTV work AND challenge redistricting?

Of course, it needs to be said that we will more likely than not lose in the NC Supreme Court and also in the US Supreme Court unless the "Right" justices retired and Obama can replace them.

Unless that all happens, sending money to the NCDP to fight redistricting might be pissing that money away.

Remember that the Republicans won in NC even though they were in the minority and the Democrats were in charge of redistricting. We may also just have to buckle-down and work from the grass-roots up to take back our State. But to do that - the SEC will have to vote for some party leaders who will help us take back our Party from the folks who told us that the only thing we have to focus on is electing Democrats - and then proved they weren't very good at doing that. They blew a 112-year home-field advantage.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I learned long ago

to stop running for positions where there is a certainty of defeat. Our politically correct party has a rough time with straight talk, and I have a rough time with political correctness. Oil, meet water.

As a person who understands more about the party than I ever will, what's your view of the possibility of choosing BOTH Mansfield and Voller to "co-lead" the party? I know it would innovative ... and might even be out of bounds with regards to governance.

But in my view, governance is there to be changed. : )

I do a lot of writing about leadership, and one of the new trends is to avoid "the search for Superman." That might be really good advice for the 21st Century Democratic Party in North Carolina.


Does this organization have a website that I could visit?

Actually, they do

And it has some nice blue colors, although they're not quite as pleasing to the eye as our blue colors.

Note to the NCDP: In nature, there are contrasts. Or chiaroscuro, if you want to get all artsy and stuff. It is within these contrasts that human emotion can be stirred. That is all. Carry on.


Republicans have been so blatant about how they have planned to rig elections for the rest of time, I can't imagine they thought they wouldn't get called on it.

Last month ProPublica detailed exactly how REDMAP worked, with special emphasis on redistricting in North Carolina. If the REDMAP memo sounds like a sales pitch to donors, consider that the project raised $30 million in 2010.