Is K-12 online charter school falsifying student records?

This is what we used to call pencil-whipping:

According to the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting the Florida Department of Education is investigating K12 over evidence the Virginia-based company violated Florida State law by using uncertified teachers and then attempting to cover it up by asking certified teachers to sign the class rosters. In their report the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting quoted a certified teacher who said a K12 manager ordered her to sign records for about 100 students she never taught. The company has denied the allegations.

If Republicans in the General Assembly had an ounce of integrity they would be calling for a no-holds-barred investigation of this organization, before a single penny of taxpayer money flows into it.


That's a pretty big "if"

In his short tenure as Speaker, Tillis has proven himself to be the most corrupt first-termer in the history of our state. From his staffing shenanigans to his parliamentary stunts to his pay-to-play fundraising, to his collusion with unregistered lobbyists, Tillis is a scam artist pure and simple. Besides, he has big friends who have built big education businesses fleecing taxpayers for private gain.

Sorry, but the GOP leadership is morally bankrupt on too many levels to see the K-1 money laundering scheme for what it is.

I'm sure they're waiting

for JLF/Civitas to produce some rationalization for this, so they can go ahead and throw some taxpayer money away without worrying about consequences.