My wife Jane wants to talk about the Kavanaugh clusterfuck, and I feel obliged to hear her out. She's trying to make sense of something that is hideously unfair and grotesque. I know I can't help, but I listen. It's heart-breaking in every way.

For the record, it doesn't much matter to me whether Kavanaugh raped or almost raped anyone back when he was in college. What matters to me is that TODAY he's a piece-of-shit liar. What matters to me is that TODAY the Republican Senate has closed ranks to protect one of their own against a mountain of damning evidence. Kavanaugh doesn't have the temperament, the judgment, or the integrity to shovel manure, let alone be a Supreme Court Justice. Any honest person knows this, and yet Republicans persist. There will be hell to pay.

Our country has arrived at a very ugly place, with our system of elections rigged to the point that voting no longer matters. It's hard to know what to do.

If I believed in god, I'd be asking her to wipe out every Republican in Washington and North Carolina, to exterminate them with extreme prejudice. That's how angry I am.



It's infuriating

I was listening to NPR about an hour or two ago, and they were talking about a lot of whispering between Dem Senators and Jeff Flake.

But I am so disgusted with this process I don't even want to get my hopes up. It will just make me angrier when they vote the son of a bitch onto the Court.

Our GOP controlled government has become a festering clusterfuck

Same for our state government. We're being polluted, poisoned, ripped off with tax breaks for the filthy rich, and our public lands are being parceled out to the highest bidders or whoever has their nose the furthest up Trump's ass. Joining these maggots are many "people of faith" whose "faith" is buried beneath a thick veneer of non-functioning brain cells and whose beliefs are no more than their own opinions about everyone they dislike or disagree with...or supporting who will give them the most money to spout their venom. I loathe them all.

Stan Bozarth