Kay Hagan--Tax Avoidance by Corporate Profits Repatriation-She has a little bill

I did not see any mention of Kay Hagan working with McClain in Senate on bill to repatriate some trillions of corporate profits stranded offshore at some ridiculously low (5%?) rate. Check N&O last Friday, Oct 7, 2011. She waxes righteous about making sure that if companies do not comply with concurrent jobs creation part of the bill, we could clawback some of the money. Now, for starters that is sheer horse pooky. The Obama Justice Dpt has not managed to enforce anything of value or pursue massive leads from the financial sector. The SEC is piddling in place, as is the FDIC, OCC and all the other underfunded watchdogs.

Kay is frankly a Republican, disguised as a Blue Dog, and secure in her seat until 2014, when as result of this play, she will be showered with corporate plunder randomly by all. Her arguments are of the caliber one would expect from a fourth grader, not a legislator, attorney and ex-banker (oops, that is the real problem).

Tell Kay to stop screwing around, making the situation worse. The repatriated profits will go to buying back stock, bonuses and paying to offshore jobs as well as bribing congress peoples.


Really? You're just now realizing this?

She's been a corporatist since before she even ran.