Kay Hagan working to restore cuts to veterans' pensions

Once again having to fix something that never should have been broken:

"I'm pleased we've restored COLA cuts for the most severely wounded veterans, but we need to restore pension cuts for all of our military retirees," Hagan said. "We've made a commitment to these brave men and women, many of whom have deployed overseas for combat missions multiple times, and we must keep the promises we've made to them. I will continue working to ensure our veterans receive the benefits they have earned."

If you'll flip your channel over to News14 now, you'll see a recurring story about five hundred soldiers from the 18th Airborne Corps deploying to Afghanistan for a 12 month tour. Whenever you see something like this, pay particular attention to whether they have a military unit patch on their right arms. This denotes (at least one) previous deployment into a combat zone, and every single soldier I saw in this video had one, from various units. That's all I'm going to say about that.


Head count may be off

They're now saying it's only one hundred deploying, but I've seen several previous reports that it would be 350-500. May be other units (Socom, 82nd) that aren't featured in this story.