Keever v. McHenry

It's hard to find a soul in North Carolina who thinks Congressman Patrick McHenry is much of an asset to the human race. Sure there are many riding his coattails to personal advantage, and many more who count on him to be a shill for right-wing extremism. But I've yet to meet a single person who considers him to be a person of honor. Few mothers want their kids to grow up to be like Pat McHenry.

Fortunately, the new 10th Congressional district has an excellent Democratic candidate challenging McHenry this fall. Patsy Keever is a straight-thinking woman of integrity and decency. She deserves our support.

From her campaign manager:

We are entering the final three months of the campaign, and Patsy Keever is poised to defeat a weak Republican incumbent in the newly redrawn, and more Democratic, 10th Congressional District.

Our polling reveals that voters in the 10th Congressional District are extremely dissatisfied with their current representation in Washington. Approximately 81% are concerned about the slow economic recovery and 75% are convinced that lobbyists and special interests have too much influence on Congress.

Of course, Patsy’s opponent, Patrick McHenry, is the poster boy for politicians who kowtow to special interests.

  • Just last night, Patrick McHenry chose millionaires over the middle class by voting to give tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations.
  • McHenry’s Tea Party allies, including the Koch Brothers, have rewarded him for votes such as these by donating thousands of dollars to his campaign.
  • During this election cycle alone, Political Action Committees have contributed more than $500,000 to McHenry’s campaign. Koch Industries’, Goldman Sachs’ and Morgan Stanley’s PACs have contributed $10,000 each.

In Patsy Keever, Democrats have a candidate who can muster a campaign far more challenging than any McHenry has ever faced. Patsy has run a Congressional campaign before, losing a close race to Charles Taylor in 2004. Plus, she knows how to dislodge incumbents as witnessed by her 60-40 victory over incumbent Bruce Goforth in her successful 2010 NC House race. Patsy’s convincing win in the May 8 Democratic congressional primary is further evidence of her campaign prowess.

What we must and will do in the next three months is get Patsy’s message out to the voters of NC-10. And we will need your support to do it.

Patsy Keever is in this race to win!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Bruce Mulkey
Campaign Manager


Someone asked via email

how much Ms. Keever is like Mr. Kissell, presumably because their names both start with K. From what I can tell, that is about all they have in common.

Sexual ambiguity

Sexual ambiguity is a characteristic of the McHenry campaign. To my knowledge.