Know-nothing Jones

Rep. Walter Jones criticizes a small grant to provide books on Muslim culture at Craven Community College.

There was no photo-op or press release from Rep. Walter Jones’ (R-NC) office when a local library in his district was awarded a federal grant to expand its collection.

Instead, in an exceedingly rare move, Jones actually criticized the grant money that will soon be coming to eastern North Carolina for one reason: it will be used to buy books about Muslim culture.


Same at is ever was

If Jones had a shred of integrity, he'd resign from Congress. His oath to support and defend the Constitution takes a distant second place to self-righteous piety in defense of his Christian god against ... well ... against heathens like me.

BS James! Walter is more Progressive Than You are on 90%

of the Basic Consitutional issues that threaten Civilzation and individual Rights from a Tyrant Government that seeks to destroy you..You don't have a clue to what Walter is saying about the many Brands of ruthless Muslism..Nothing personal! Walter might have it wrong on his faith of his Christian Religion, but you won't catch him at a Republican Jesus meeting or a Tea Party Paradise Corporate planning session.. He is totaly Anti-War, Against Corporate fracking in your State. He has not prepose any law to ban any Religious Belief nor trample on the Bill of Rights of individuals like the present Obama Agenda is doing like a typical Police State Dictator does seeking total power of a big brother Orwellian Wall Street State..

Your Buddy in the fight for Freedom

cmb.. Spiritual Adviser to the 7 th Day Atheist Movement


I wish I knew as much about my positions on Constitutional issues as you do.

Boy! You are a Genius as compare to Me about BS?

Not really good buddy! I took a On-Line Course from the Art Pope Institution of "Reverse Slavery Constitutional Goat Crap" or "how to make Dubbies more Dumb if they listen to me as your government authority on high powerful political issues"

Shape up Man! And get with the program to raise our IQ's together..

That's the first I've heard about

Jones' opposition to fracking. If you've got a link to back that up, Connie, please post it.

Post the dang thing Con! I think you are fibbing!

Okay Steve! But first a fast Pop Quiz?

Question! Does Russia allow Fracking or Fu#######g by massive foreigh Oil Companies on their Terrorities or land?

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Answer: Only if you provide your Bank Account number to make my missionary work to the Alien Lizards Atheists a success to humanity...The Jones link will be provided upon your answer to question 1..Good hunting and remember the Russians own nothing and have no national debt..

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Stan Bozarth

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