Koch Brothers to spend a cool million attacking Obama in NC

Just caught these idiots bragging on Twitter:

AFPNC 6:26pm via web AFP to launch one million dollar ad buy in NC exposing Obama radical energy policies #ncga #ncpol #ncgop Ad on air next week

I'm going to issue a challenge right now to the mainstream reporters who will comment on this ad when it comes out: When you talk about this ad, you need to reference the oil industry, if not the Koch brothers themselves, as being behind the commercial. If you don't, you're misleading your audience/readership. We'll be watching. Speaking of watching, watch this:


Good Luck

At this point reporters are asking the public if facts should be reported, and getting upset when the public says "Of course!!!"

That's what happens

when you rely on an ever-dwindling amount of advertising dollars to stay afloat. You're afraid to piss off anybody who might still be spending those ad bucks.